Commercial Break: Rufa Mae Quinto for Canesten

21 04 2007

We’ve got a new segment, folks! Commercial Break features the best (and probably the worst) advertisements in the country.

To start off, Philippine sexpot Rufa Mae Quinto released a catchy jingle for Canesten anti-fungal cream.

Did someone say…kITCH?

Video clip after the jump.



KAMOT (Scratch)

Yuck! It’s ringworm, and even athlete’s foot
There’s jock itch and tinea flava
You’ve got skin fungi
Use Canesten!

I could see that you have a problem
It’s obvious in your looks
I could see it, don’t hide it
Or your mouth would just pucker up

What is your secret?
May I know?
What is the reason
Why do you act that way?

You may keep on scratching it
But your problems still persist
Like an itch that’s hard to resist
(Scratch it, scratch it)

Goodbye to skin fungi, to athlete’s foot
Even jock itch or ringworm
Even tinea flava is no match
Come on!
(Scratch it, scratch it)

(Repeat CHORUS)

Use Canesten
Just use Canesten
Use Canesten




9 responses

22 04 2007

kelan mo ifefeature yung VCO Shampoo? Astig rin kaya yung ad na yun.

22 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

I like her! Typical na Babaeng bakla. As in Bakla to Bakla action sila ng BF nyang singer. Tse!

22 04 2007

I had to remove my socks after this commercial. LOL. In fairness magaling siya magpatawa. There was this one moment on TV when a contestant went dead-air suddenly… she threw in one simple punch line and the moment was lively as hell again. =)

22 04 2007

I must add… andaming backup dancer d2. Medyo O.A. na nga eh, LOL!

31 05 2007
RufaMae Fan

Go Pi-Chi!

14 07 2007

ui… may makikita ba kong minus one na ganito?? help nmn… please… pag may nkta kayo.. email nyo na lng ako sa carla_menor@y.c o kya s frendster..

thanks na rin…

1 09 2013
francis solis

i remember that

1 09 2013
francis solis

I’d use canesten because i have funji

8 10 2013
francis solis

i’m back

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