I So Doubt Chiz Escudero

5 05 2007

I used to be decided on placing blanks on my ballot come May 14 Midterm Elections, then realizing that abstaining my vote would merely give an opportunity–a tiny little opportunity–for unworthy candidates to gain a spot in the 12 Senate slots.

That is why I am currently filling out my list of candidates whom I will vote for the Senate. You know by now that I’d be voting for Kapatiran, but that’s just three of them.

Other candidates that I am sure to vote for are Nikki Coseteng, Joker Arroyo, and Antonio Trillanes. Now that’s halfway done.

While thinking on which of the remaining senator wanabees I want to entrust my vote, there is this one candidate that I may have an inclination to vote but I still hold my doubts for him.

It’s Chiz Escudero, former representative of Sorsogon Province. Well, you probably have an idea by now judging from the title of this post.

The reason why I so doubt him is because he sounds too darn good to be true.

I watched a senatorial forum over local TV and he had the most straightforward–and unbelievably short–answers to hard-hitting questions being pummeled on him.

Compare his replies to that of Migz Zubiri, a former representative of Bukidnon Province whom Bryanboy detests (don’t worry, we share the same sentiments) who went before Escudero.

I couldn’t help but doubt Escudero. There is something in him that I find endearing, you may feel how passionate he is in joining the Senate, but the little voice inside me says that I should not just jump into the Chiz bandwagon just yet.

Call it my “imperial instinct.”




30 responses

5 05 2007

I’m already 25 and still, I’m not a voter. Haay.

5 05 2007
reyna elena

when in doubt, don’t vote. follow your instincts! man!

thank you for posting this one! I’ve been waiting to see something like this one kasi ba naman i have no freaking idea what’s going on over at our turd world kawntri!

honestly, i actually like the bluntness of Escudero, though this is the very first time i heard him talk.

i think, he answered the question pointedly, and he was blunt that it really doesnt matter to him that the pork and barrel stays or not because what he was saying is that he never wanted it in the beginning and he never had any share of that pork barrel ever. now, as to whether or not that’s true, you guys can research.

based on what i heard, i am actually for escudero than for the latter guy.

5 05 2007
reyna elena

marudya, don’t voodoo me ok? pero, eye em gonna post yong election videos dun sa you tube, pede? wag ka nang magreklamo. 🙂

5 05 2007
eta te

V O T E !!!!!! V O T E !!!!!!!!
Trillanes, Lacson, Honasan, Coseteng, Alan Cayetano, Chiz Escudero, being a good spokesman, Noynoy Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Loren, Pimentel, Manny Villar, Sonia Roco, and I reserve the Kapatiran in my lists…..

5 05 2007

I never voted before and probably my first time to vote will be in Norway

5 05 2007
Lyka Bergen

Ay tumandang sora na ang mig zubiri. Pero pwede pa rin.

Mukhang direct ang Chiz…. may sex appeal!

Sayang di ako makaboto.

5 05 2007

among the senatoriables who participated in the forum aired on GMA 7, I found only one potential candidate that can make a difference, and its not Chiz Escudero, his a fellow schoolmate but please Chiz, stop sounding, or should i say BEING monotonous with your statements. It creates a negative impression to the crowd. Para kang mga news anchors who read scripts flashed in front of them….

5 05 2007

Si Escudero ang galing magsalita, but I don’t know how effective he was in delivering services to Sorsogon. Twice ko na siya natabihan sa church. He was using yung favorite brown muscle shirt niya, shorts at tsinelas.

Re: Zubiri, dati pa ako may crush sa kanya :)) lolol. Prettyboy kasi, even if may bilbil na, but after what you said, napaisip tuloy ako kung totoo yung ads niya when he said that he was the most prolific lawmaker, eklat, or if it was just a buncha crap na inimbento niya.

6 05 2007

escudero may be a good speaker pero dapat tingnan din natin kung ano ba ang nagawa niya sa lawmaker– check his records– ano-ano ba ang mga batas na naipasa niya? feeling ko sadyang maingay lang sya.

yun lang

7 05 2007
May 1 - May 7 : Week Before Election « sa wari ko

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7 05 2007

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7 05 2007

Escudero is from Sorsogon, ang probinsya ng aking mga magulang. From what I here from random people who actually reside in the province, wala naman syang nagawang super significant for Sorsogon. He was all for national issues and the like. Gaya ng sabi ni Maui, mukhang puro ingay lang. .. which is sad of course since he’s the representative of the province.

Hay, malapit na pala ang eleksyon.

7 05 2007

like many of us, we have so many to say pero hindi natin vokal na nagawa. pasalamat tayo merong katulad ni chiz na nagsasabi para sa ating hinanaing. it is healthy for a democratic country na may kumokontra kung may hindi tama sa nakaupo. I still vote for chiz….

8 05 2007

like Her Highness, i also have my doubts for Chiz. but at least he’s better than the other candidates, davah?

9 05 2007

i am from sorsogon. i have never felt chiz’s presence in sorsogon except during elections. call me cynic, pero kung sa sorsogon nga na pag kaliit liit e wala xang magawa, sa buong pilipinas pa kaya?

i agree, magaling xang mag salita. UP law ba naman kasi. but still, ano ba mga nagawa nya?

magaling lang xa. wala naman nagagawa.

un na.

10 05 2007
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11 05 2007
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12 05 2007

Don’t be fooled by Chiz, he’s all talk, but no substance. This guy wants to lead us out of the rut, but he can’t even take Sorsogon out of the list of the poorest provinces in RP. Follow your instinct and junk Chiz on Monday. 🙂

13 05 2007

natural lang yung mga paninira sa mga politiko. i still vote chiz. tingnan lang naman yung nakaupo diyan na mas matagal pa kay chiz, may nagawa bang betterment for the whole filipinos, poor and the poorest?? you have seen na man ang actual situations. cguro 90% na ang slums, worst school conditions: walang mga silya para sa mga estudyante, sa pinakaremote areas, walang school building.. etc etc so worst na lang talaga ang conditions ang pilipinas. Economic BOOM? only for the rich, for the business tycons … bakit mas marami pang nabubuhay sa pamumulot nang basura? iyan ba ang economic boom sa lahat nang pilipino? and to think na how many years na silang nakaupo dyan esp jose de venecia, siya ang one of the pinakatagal sa puwesto niya… yung ang mga iyon ay nagpakayaman at gutom sa kapangyarihan. halos sa mga nakaupo ay lantaran nang nag vote buying. insurance ang pinamimigay, 10thou galing kay raul gonsalez para sa mga every local barangay sa iloilo, ang pangigipit nila sa mga oppositions, etc .. bakit magtagal pang walang kahihiyan na to? wala na silang mga consensiya. gusto pa nating lolokohin at gagamitn ang mga boto natin sa mga walang hiya na mga ‘to?????
Still i believe and Vote for Escudero for he is honest at isa siyang walang takot magsalita against those corrupt officials of the present administration. Di ba ang dapat ay may opposition, its democracy at dapat lang na hayaan lang ang sarili natin na magexpress freely… Freedom of Expression DI BA???

13 05 2007
eta te

one thing i tell you is the whole mess comes from the continuing rule of pgma. the best thing and to get peace fdor the whole country is to step down of pgma.. Siya ang ugat sa lahat nang kaguluhan na ‘to. so dapat mananagot siya sa lahat nang katiwarian. I vote straight GO, esp trilllanes, Lacson and Honasan bec they are the braviest of them all. GO >>>>> GO

13 05 2007
eta te

CHIZ ESCUDERO IS YOUNG AND DYNAMIC, we need young people with integrity, dignity, honesty and good spokesmanship in the senate. He is fitted there. SO GO >>>> CHIZ

14 05 2007

i wouldn’t vote for CHIZ. he’s just good in criticizing and telling others what to do.. when he himself doesn’t know how things could be done better. when i first saw him and CAYETANO i already have a feeling that these guys are making a name for themselves. they really don’t care about the country and the people.. they just care about their personal agendas.
i applaud abs-cbn for shaping the minds of these poor filipinos to turn against the government.. you are very successful.
you really prove that media has a strong influence on the people.. putting the likes of chiz and GO on a better light. hmmp!
CHIZ ESCUDERO IS young, dynamic, and an intelligent liar. NO TO CHIZ!!!

14 05 2007

@ ASH – Ate, hindi sa ABS-CBN pinalabas ang show na ‘yan.

20 05 2007

Finally, voters made their choice.. election is over and im hoping you found the answer to what is bothering you. you might not have voted for chiz, it’s fine.. But as what i often see in the cooments,there are those who does’nt want to vote for him for he may just be a good speaker but doesnt have accomplisments in his province…Now is my turn to ask… Why did he rank number one in hishometown if people were’nt satisfied of his congressional term??

21 05 2007
eta te

thats a good question and requires a straight answer simply bec they are satisfied with his terms and continue to want him this time in senate… people had spoken…

21 05 2007
eta te

to ASH.. dont be bitter and dont put the blame on the media, its quite unfair.. is it a sort of sourgraping?? what if escudero will not win, will you have the same comment about the media?? we must be thankful for the great help and sometimes sacrifices of the media people to give us the scopes we need.

31 05 2007

I think the doubts are very valid. He doesn’t seem only doubtful but he definitely seems dubious as well. I remember attending an award ceremony before in Malacanang Palace once and the event commemorated OFWs for their services. The OFWs were supposed to be the highlight then; but it was baffling and appalling when he and other self serving figures were putting themselves first in the ceremonies…. instead of giving respect and honour to the people who made sacrifices away from the homeland. I perceive him as a Machiavellian and a hypocrite. He has shown the qualities of being ignorant towards other people and will only serve whatever suits him best. It was rather hilarious when he used kids on his ad campaign on tv. It’s like he tried to project and portray the image of being as innocent and unmalicious as a child. But nevertheless, he is still President Arroyo’s godson…. I could still be wrong on that? Hehe. 😛 Anyways, I don’t think he has principles. He has the capacity to feed his godmother or even his mother to the lions if he deems it appropriate for his goals. He’s all talk and speaks out a lot like a gossiping housewife. That’s just what he’s usually known for. He sounds more of a whiner actually. I don’t think he makes a real difference or adds considerable contribution to the country. 😛

24 09 2007
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24 09 2007
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2 10 2013
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