Bunny Man Hunt #4

27 05 2007

Sorry if it took me quite a while to post this.

The Bunny Man has hopped his way in another random blog entry. Help me find him and you will be rewarded with special link on my blog’s sidebar.

All you need to do is to look through the previous entries of my blog using the three clues that are provided. Once you find the Bunny Man, leave a comment on that post. The first one to post a comment indicating his or her discovery of the Bunny Man wins.

Remember that you can use the search and archive functions of this blog. Previous winners of Bunny Man Hunt are ineligible to win, but they can join just the same.

Here are the clues:

* The entry title where the Bunny Man is hiding has only one word.

* A certain form of intimacy is extensively discussed.

* It also has an open letter.

There you have it. Start searching, amigas!