Philippines Next Top Model: Perfume Endorsements

20 04 2007

Before anything else, I would like to laud the people behind Philippines’ Next Top Model’s official website for (finally) creating a consistent look on their photo gallery.

However, I could not seem to view Rina’s and Joy’s photos in Episode 6.

Anyway, each of the eight candidates were given their own set for their perfume endorsement photoshoot. This gave the girls a chance to stand out on their own.

Since I only got six photos to review, let’s just make the most out of it.

Here is my BANGIS AWARD:


It seems that she begins to step up. She has been improving considering her horrific first shoot.

Meanwhile, here are my BANGAS AWARDS:


This shot reminds me of those shots taken from amateur photo studios. You know, standing in front of a “blended blue and white” background while holding on to a teddy bear as a prop.


Is this Jayna? This doesn’t look like Jayna. Did they just put in another model to pose as Jayna?

ELIMINATED: Jayna. That ends my Jayna-Elf prediction for Final 2…




12 responses

21 04 2007

Favorites ko na si jen and grendel. Si jayna mukhang sasayaw sa equinoxx discoteque!

21 04 2007
Lyka Bergen

Elf… looks old.
Bambi… should go!
Joy… sweet.
Jen… my favorite!

Go Jen!

21 04 2007

ano ba yan. bandwidth exceeded ang website nila hindi man lang nagupgrade ng badwidth limit. ang jologs.

21 04 2007

@ Rick – Ay! Kalokah! Buti na lang na-post ko itech bago naging huli ang lahat!

22 04 2007

It looks like the show is finally getting better. The first few photoshoots looked very amateurish but these past few recent episodes definitely looked professional (or semi-prof). Its hard to predict who’s going to win. Elf definitely has the height but she looks just too bland in her photographs. My guess for the win… Joy!

22 04 2007

i hate Ruffa’s dresses. they reflect her age.

22 04 2007

Hindi ko pa siya napapanood sa TV but nakapag-browse ako ng opening sequence sa YouTube. It sounded like a cheap rip-off of the US version na ginawang mas-soft pa… mas-soft pa nga sa boses ni Kyla… di ko gusto. Sana mas-rocker or upbeat ala Canadian’s Next Top Model. Hanapin niyo na lang sa YouTube.

BTW, korek ka kay Bambi. Mashadong “props” yung props.

22 04 2007

Luv Grendel, Sheena and Elfs shot pang international! Pang magazine ad talaga ang dating!cge na nga pati na si Jen!

This is by far the best photoshoot for me…kasi original and not like the bird2 photoshoot!that was very copycatish and ugly!

26 04 2007

i like jayna so much
and grendel..


2 05 2007

hi marijuana where did you gell all of these photo

2 05 2007

@ Sherock – Show a little RESPECT by mentioning my name right.

20 03 2008
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