Philippines Next Top Model: Maria Clara Remix

2 05 2007

I still don’t get what this photoshoot is all about. They’ve been conducting “high-fashion” photoshoots for God-knows-how-long.

Why don’t our contestants be given challenges during photoshoot that are as difficult as the “ukay-ukay challenge” they did prior to this? Why don’t they try having the models wear swimsuits while dancing the tinikling?

Oh well, enough rant. Here are my BANGIS AWARDS:


She nailed it. Her best shot yet.


This pic is BANGIS all over. Just look at those eyes.

Here, meanwhile, are my BANGAS AWARDS:


Her facial expression never changes. It’s just as still as her previous weeks. She’ll be a hand model for the rest of her career.


One word: MORTICIA.

ELIMINATED: Bambi. Finally.




19 responses

2 05 2007

like ko concept nila ngayon..Parang Maria Clara in Fantasia inspired or something. Anyways, gusto ko naman mag concept sila ng night gown inside MRT rush hour! Concept kung concept iyan, ate.

3 05 2007

This is Joy’s fiercest look to date. For once, she looks expensive.

3 05 2007

luv the whole concept..very original! empress gumawa kanaman ng thread or post what so ever na pwede kaming mag post nang mga photoshoot ideas and suggestions…

3 05 2007
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3 05 2007
Lyka Bergen

Jen and Joy sa Final Two please!

At salamat at out na ang Bambi…. kamay lang ang maganda sa kanya. Next: Rina!

3 05 2007

I don’t understand how the judges pic the best ones. When I watch, I mismatch. I chose the worse which i thought the best. Hahaha.

4 05 2007
4 05 2007

I think this is not the Maria Clara thing. It should never be called like that.

It should be called Filipiniana Fantasy or something. First off, if the models will do a Maria Clara motif, it should be as simple as possible, BUT says as much statement as possible…..

4 05 2007

hi to the author of this site i just like to know where you get all these jpeg photo or the website thanks

4 05 2007

^ You could check out PNTM’s official website at www [dot] philnexttopmodel [dot] com.

4 05 2007

ang hirap i-judge. puro panget eh. pwe.

5 05 2007

reply to Pat::::::
this is KARMA for u … PWE ka rin !!! for what u said, is what u get back.. PWE and PWE pa rin… that is Karma !!!! understand??? akala mo judge ka??? if i were u, just shot up!!!

5 05 2007

what i mean how can i copy paste the the photo is it is flash like yours is there any alernative site

5 05 2007

@ Hi – I simply pressed the “print screen” button to copy and paste it on Paint.

7 05 2007

Yung kay Bambi. Hmm. Mukha syang lola.
Kay Rina. Ampanget nung damit.

Asteg talaga Jen, Grendel at Joy!!!!

Ayoko si Elf ang manalo, ayokpo ng may halo.

Sana si Grendel or Jenn

7 05 2007

ano sa akala mo??? ikaw akala mo pure ka? hindi mo ba alam na bihira nang walang halo dito sa pinas. tingnan mo lang maigi sina jen, grendel at c joy mukhang pure pinay ba sila??? aber tingnan mo lang ok??? global na tayo… sa gustot hindi mo… he he he Kung c elf mukhang dayuhan, its not her fault, its even the fault of her filipina mother, its nobodys fault , di ba??? bakit ipagkali ang karapatan nyang manalo?? di ba tayo dapat masaya kung siya man ang mapiling winner??? eh bakit proud na proud tayo kung may marinig tayong may half bred na panalosa sa ibang bansa sa beauty contest tulad nang narinig nating half german-filipina at half norwegian filipina na panalo sa beauty contest sa kanilang tinitirhan??? kayo lang na man ang nagreklamo diyan ah.. ..astig na man c ELF eh…and she has what it takes to be a real model not only in the phil but also internationally… its her nature.. and being half bred is what we should be proud of.. ok?? inggit lang cguro ka o sobra lang ang pagkanationalista mo… LOL peace

8 05 2007

tama ka diyan marcian. at thank u sa mga sinasabi mo. and i have to defend elf also because unfair talaga sa kanya kung ganyan ang mentality natin. what if siya talaga ang karapat dapat na manalo??? o di ba??? c elf ang nakita kong may mas malaking potentials of being a great model. she looks and walks like a model at all times… she has her own identity as a model, and it is being seen everywhere she is. people see her talaga as model, not bec of her height but also bec of the way she walks and poise…. parang nahawa na rin tayo sa ibang bansa na may discrimination. dito pala meron… eh kung pupunta kaya tayo doon sa ibang bansa at ganyan din ang trato nila sa atin? ano kaya??? haaaay naku. .. wla na akong masabi na….

19 05 2007

Well, I like elf the most,cause i think she got all the qualities of a super model!i have work with some models and elf belongs to them. she looks as if she is already a pro
i love you Elf
Elf mabuhay kaH!

23 05 2007

stop all tthis useless effort for crying out loud whos going to be philippines’ next top model….
i got my pic ……
i know jenilyn olivar will gonna win this competition…
i mean look at her people…. she’s hot!!!!!!!

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