Royal Tigresses Unite!

10 01 2009

If you studied in University of Santo Tomas during the late 90’s and early 2000’s you may have heard about The Royal Tigress, an underground association of gay students. These amigas would gather in campus and talk about any topic and play mini-beauty pageants in Colayco Park at nighttime. One thing lead to another until they decided to organize a full-scale beauty pageant featuring gay Thomasian students.

Almost every college was represented in the first (and last) search for the Royal Tigress, from Arts and Letters to Education, from CFAD to Graduate School. Eighteen beautiful ladies of the night were presented in a secluded location near UST and were watched by about 200 people. Marco, a senior AB Economics student, was crowned as the Royal Tigress.

The pageant was a personal success for all of us, but as the years passed and members began to graduate the legacy of the Royal Tigress seem to have faded, until now.

The fabulous stylist and fellow Thomasian Lotho Lotho revives the Royal Tigress as she displays her beauty and strength into the Internet age! The Royal Tigress online group welcomes all gay Thomasian students and alumni. The group aims to provide camaraderie and unity among the gay Thomasians as they share common interests. To join, simply register at and add “The Royal Tigress” in the Groups section. If you have Thomasian gay friends, tell them that their company is very much welcome in our group.

Be fierce and strong. You are a Royal Tigress!

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