Empress Maruja is a PC!

22 09 2008

Over a year after Mac released a series of commercials targetting Microsoft and its PC, the other half of the competition rebutted with a simple commercial showing the people who are users of PC.  And unlike how Mac wanted it to picture, PC is not all geeky and incompetent (and I’m very sure not all Mac users are as hip and cool as they want to project).

More people around the world are into PC rather than Mac.  More online games can be played using a PC rather than on a Mac.  PC may be prone to virus, but they have free anti-virus programs while I do not see any remedy in case a Mac freezes except turning it off.  (Oh yes, I remember how our editor had to redo all the editing in our little TV show after his Mac crashed.)  PC is more flexible, less expensive, and can be used by anyone anyhow.  (Besides, what Mac can do that a PC can’t?)

Oh yeah, Empress Maruja has PC pride.  I’m a PC, and I dance the Para Para.

Kayo, are you a PC?




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