Random Hot Men: Ben Massing

14 06 2008

Are you noticing a pattern that Empress Maruja admires guys with dark hair?

Hot model Benjamin Massing is an upcoming junior (or senior, I’m not sure how American college systems works) at University of Central Florida in Orlando with a major in Molecular and Microbiological Sciences. Good looks and intelligence certainly adds brownie points in my book.

He has appeared in campaigns for Estee Lauder and Zombak GPS locator…

As well as in Rise and Playboy magazines.

Ben Massing also appeared briefly in hit TV show Gossip Girl. Man, this guy is going places I tell yah.

So amigas, what’s can you say? Holiday?




6 responses

16 06 2008

Holiday talaga !!!

18 06 2008

hhhmmm….mga fafa mo?

19 06 2008

oh so hot.
nababasa ako. chos.

21 06 2008

ako din, want ko smart men
medyo payat cya
at hairy

24 09 2008

you so hot,,,bgt???
and your PENIS seksi

30 09 2008
Ben Massing Sues Gay Magazine for Unwanted Gay Attention « Empress Maruja

[…] may have probably heard about Ben Massing, one of the Random Hot Men in this blog who has an impressive body and an equally impressive […]

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