Someone is looking for a “Gay Bad Influence”

10 06 2008

I don’t know about you, but this blog post I found somewhere just reeks of hypocrisy.

To give you the gist of things, a Mom founds out that her 17-year-old son is having sex with another guy. Now the son left home and is nowhere to be found, and the sister created a “crusade” to track down this person who “destroyed the future” of her brother. Here goes…

This guy in the picture destroyed the future of my brother. (Nope, I’m not going to post that photo. — Empress Maruja) My mom caught him having indecent acts with my little brother last May 16, 2008 in our house somewhere near Quezon Avenue. My brother is just 17 years old! He just graduated from high school last March from one of the top exclusive schools here and is supposed to enter college na.

Unfortunately, due to the incident, things have changed! And so will my brother’s future!

He is supposed to be in school now but weeks have passed since he left out of extreme embarrassment and fear of my father. We have been searching for him for weeks. We tried to ask for the help of the police but they are not very helpful kasi they say this is just a runaway kid.

When my mother arrived home earlier that Friday, she went directly to my brothers’ room on the 2nd floor. At that time, she heard uncomfortable noise inside which worried her. At first she thought my brother was trying on drugs that’s why she got so mad and searched for the general house keys which she and daddy have inside their room.

That’s when she saw those condoms lying around sa floor ng brother ko. My mom got mad but all the while she did not think it was for the gay sex my brother just committed. She was expecting a girl hiding inside the room’s bathroom. But to her surprise and dismay, she saw this guy wearing nothing but his underwear.

That’s when this guy got out, quickly dressed up with his pants and shirt na nasa bed ng brother ko, and run away! That’s the last time my brother ever heard from him. And so, my brother is now left to answer questions from my parents. He does not answer calls or text back from us. Fortunately, my mother was able to find this picture from my brother’s laptop. My mom said that the guy has a big tattoo of some sort of reptile on his stomach daw which makes him look like a very bad influence to my brother. My parents were so mad at my brother because aside from performing perversion, he did it with a complete stranger pa. My brother said he met the guy sa Internet but refused to give more specifics na. I guess the pressure was too much from him that he decided to run away.

We wanted to press charges for rape kasi my brother is still a minor. It might be consensual among them but in the end, he is just 17! A kid is still a kid! I am ashamed to say this but we believe there was penetration pa because my mom saw a lot of contraceptives/condoms sa floor ng room ng bro ko. Later on, my dad saw those little bottles of drugs called poppers daw in the room. We are not sure if this gay guy brought those drugs for my brother but since we always see my brother to be behaved talaga all his life, we can only assume that he was just influenced by someone to take this very senseless things.

I love my brother and I know time will heal all wounds. My parents will soon forgive my brother and I know and pray that his confusion will be erased with proper guidance. This is why I am asking people to help me locate this guy! We believe my brother is staying with this guy these days because no one else has heard from my brother ever since. His school friends don’t know where he is so as our relatives.

Joe, if you are reading this, please come home! We love you very much. God loves you so much! Mommy and daddy are sorry with what has happened and we promise to be there for you. We will support you always! Please come home. We are so worried about you! Please don’t waste your future over this little thing that we can surpass together! Come home, please!

I’m sure pag-uwi ng bata, ipapadala siya sa kanilang local pastor para ipa-“exorcise.”

I mean, what’s wrong with searching for one’s own sexuality? At this day and age, I can’t believe some people consider homosexuality as perversion.




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10 06 2008
reyna elena


It’s understandable why the 17 year old (kung 17 nga sya) left home. Of course, total embarassment naman talaga ang nangyari. Now, why they did what they did in the house, of course we also know. I’m sure mga walang pera to rent a motel and have some privacy. Whoever is the other guy should have known better to at least be mindful kung saan sila mag-se-sex you know. I agree with what you insinuated Mare, that maybe this 17yo was in the search mode. Search mode nang sexuality.

But I tend to blame the stupid ignoramousness of the family about handling the situation that one member of the family is gay. I’m sure they already know something that he is gay although di naten alam baka macho-machohin ang dating nang bata noh? But am sure, had the family been sorta gay-friendly or something, di lalayas yung bata and probably would have known how to handle hada situations dahil siempre mabibigyan nang advice.

Sorry… blog ko ba to?

10 06 2008

‘He just graduated from high school last March from one of the top exclusive schools here and is supposed to enter college na.’

When somebody from a certain family speaks like this, u just know that the poor gay boy who grows up in this same family is doomed.

10 06 2008

OO nga… it’s not the man who had sex with the brother, but it is the family (mother, father and sister) who will ultimately destroy the future of this boy, if they don’t accept him as he is…. graveh!

10 06 2008

sigh, o dba sigh lang. awareness sa grassroots, yun ang ma advice ko.

10 06 2008
Aling Baby

poor boy, kung bakit kasi of all places ay sa bahay pa mismo nila naisipang gawin yon. he’s in great shame talaga for what had happened pero uuwi rin naman yon, he just needs some time to think things through. Sana lang his family would realize that he’s in confusion lang, pero kung hindi man, acceptance na lang from them i’m sure makakatulong kung hindi sila magagalit talaga kahit na obviously eh yon ang pakiramdam nila.

hehe…hindi ko katabi si “Joe” habang ginagawa itong comment ko. 😆 i just feel for him. sana umuwi na siya sa kanila.

10 06 2008

Pusta ko, itong dalag.. binatang naglayas ang bottom.

Seriously, hindi ko alam kung ano ang tamang reaction sa ganitong sitwasyon, definitely, walang idea yung babae na parehong gay yung mga batang nagsesex.

The kid must be staying with the guy he had sex with. Kung hindi naman, nagtago ito sa bahay ng kanyang kaibigan.

10 06 2008

Come to think of it, may isang gay blogger na 17 years old at mukhang naglayas rin sa kanilang bahay. Para yatang may connection…

11 06 2008

for the sake of his safety … i wish that he’s well.

We love you very much. God loves you so much! … yeah right

11 06 2008

i think it’s natural lang na magalit talaga ang parents niya.

and siguro sa sobrang kahihiyan nung bata kaya hindi pa siya nagpaparamdam hanggang ngayon. natatakot siya sa kung ano ang magiging consequence ng nagawa niya.

whether we admit it or not, marami na talaga ang nakikipag-s*x sa same gender. some because they really love each other, while sa iba, nakakalungkot man sabihin, eh f*ck buddies lang.

pero i don’t think na the incident will really break the future of the child. he can learn from that experience so that he’ll know what to do the next time it happens.

11 06 2008
mel beckham

kawawa naman ang batang bading. haynaku, the family should know better. hihi

11 06 2008

ahmmmnnnn parang kilala ko 2 ah..heheheh

or baka same story lang…

sana umuwi na xa…

yan lang ahihihihii….

11 06 2008
The Zen Bitch

“Please don’t waste your future over this little thing that we can surpass together!’–OKAY LANG SIYA?!

11 06 2008
The Zen Bitch

“Please don’t waste your future over this little thing that we can surpass together!’–OKAY LANG SIYA?!

reeks of ignorance and bigotry. no wonder naglayas ang bagets na ito. pero i hope he is well; makakita sana sya ng matinong kausap nang mabigyan sya ng tamang impormasyon at kaalaman tungkol sa kanyang masalimuot na pinagdadaanan.

12 06 2008

very disturbing nga yang mail na yan. all throughout the mail iniisip ng writer na sila yung nasa good side, at dahil aloof siya sa so-called morals at decency niya, hindi niya nakikita na sila ang reason kung bakit naglayas yung kapatid niyang hadaera. imagine mo na lang, paano kung ikaw yung bakla tapos dahil sa na-julie andrews ka eh malamang yun na ang una at huli mong hada. nako baka maglaslas pako ng pulso.

minsan the best way to deal with it is simply to accept it.

22 06 2008
Obnoxious Queer


We are queers but we have good and “colorful” lives! So who says, our future is ruined of being gay? Heller! Re-think! And better stop going to school.

Let one find his/her own sexuality. And please to the family, support whatever preference your child will choose. After all, he is an individual of his own life! He is not always your SON!!!

Let the rainbow color shine this Month of Gay Pride.

24 06 2008

ate, babae ka rin. intindihin mo naman ang kapatid mong babae itago natin sa pangalan na JOE…

28 07 2008


bata pa ba ang 17?
ang akala ko nagdedebut ang mga bading
at the age of 15.


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