Pinoy Blog Superstar March 2008 Nomination Special!

25 05 2008

The much-delayed, much-awaited Pinoy Blog Superstar is back on track! This time, YOU have the power to choose who deserves to be among the nominees!

To lessen the burden on my part in choosing the nominees, the dear readers of Empress Maruja will nominate blog writers whom they think deserves the title Pinoy Blog Superstar.

The procedure is simple:

1) Leave a comment in this post and recommend a blog (other than your own) which you think has the best overall content posted on March 2008. The nominated blog should have the following:

a) A link back to Empress Maruja ( If the blog does not have a link yet, ask them to add mine.

b) At least five posts published in March 2008. In the case of podcasters, three entries are the minimum.

2) Your recommendation should include why the blogger deserves to be named Pinoy Blog Superstar.

3) Only the first 15 comments will be entertained.

4) Empress Maruja will then read all recommended blogs and will choose the five nominees on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for? Recommend a star-quality blog now! 🙂




11 responses

25 05 2008

si ate nagde-delegate ng work! chos! good luck sa nominees!

26 05 2008
reyna elena

off topic: am back in the US mare! thanks for the time! nice meeting you ever! hahaha!

26 05 2008

congrats sa high leveling ha…


26 05 2008

I vote for Madam Fiona of the blog: Princhecha Fiona in Her Land Far, Far Away.
Na-astigan ako sa passage na ito sa kanyang entry na: “Midyear Resolution”

“By signing up in the gym, I am facing my fear of getting the what-is-she-doing-in-the-men’s-locker look. But I’m trying to ignore all those and just do my thing. Let the chauvinist pigs think what they want to think, all I know is that I would just want to use the gym facilities for my fitness. I am not there for any other hankypanky business. I woudn’t even want to look at their parading naked asses and bulging, ehem, muscles for crying out loud. I’d rather look at my Jimboi noh! :p”

27 05 2008

Sino ang ino-nominate ko?

Si Jericho ng Kape’t Yosi. Hindi dahil kaibigan ko sya, kasama sa bahay at kung anik-anik pa. Ito ay dahil mahusay syang magsulat, itinataas to the next level of the Library of Congress ang blogging, at mahal ang blogging (at ang blogger.)

Basta, basahin nyo sya. Kahit pulitikal ang post, kinukumentuhan!

27 05 2008

Kape’t Yosi

mapapakape at mapayosi ka sa mga entries nya.

28 05 2008
reyna elena

Yo! Mare: I really like to see AJ – The Barrio Bitch! I love this guy! I’d like to nominate him/her. I think he sets himself apart kasi he could be whatever he is and busy for whatever he does, hada included, pero at least di nya pinapabayaan ang studying chorva divantech? Me goal ang bading! I’m sure, this guy will be successfull one of these days, kaya let’s all together one another forever and ever vote for him habang maaga pa hahaha! Eh baka mamaya pag famoso na yan eh mahirap nang mag-social climb! hahaha So, it’s AJ for me!

30 05 2008

exit window. because he’s so fetch.

31 05 2008

si Pulsar!!!! I thank you!

2 06 2008

ate maru, change mo na yung, obsolete na iyon. may bago na poh… na ang bago kong abode. paki-update naman, huhuhu.

anyhow, i would like to nominate Zen Bitch. I like his historical/travelogue story. And that friendster article.

2 06 2008

kape’t yosi din sa akin– love ko sya

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