Pinoy Blog Superstar February 2008 Winner!

3 04 2008

Naku! Heto na ang pinakahinihintay ng mga bakla!

Welcome once again for another exciting night of…

Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!

First and foremost, Empress Maruja would like to apologize for the delay of the announcement of our winner.  She is assuring the viewing public that she is not emulating the Zimbabwe elections.

But before we get to know who among our eight bloggers would become part of our Ultimate Pinoy Blog Superstar Finals, let’s give out a rousing applause to the cast of Little Britain Live!


Thank you very much for that wonderful performance!

And now, without further ado, I shall first announce our second runner-up.  Congratulations to…

Zen Bitch and Kawadjan! It was a tie!


Next in line is the announcement of our first runner-up.  I would like to remind our readers that this has been the slimmest margin in Pinoy Blog Superstar history, as the winner only lead by a single vote.


Scary isn’t it?  Let’s see who among our remaining nominees clinched the silver spot.  He is no other than…

Window Exit!

And finally, the winner of Pinoy Blog Superstar for February 2008, who won by a single vote, is…

Lyka Bergen!

Wagi! Wagi ang mga winners sa Oscars ngayon! I Lyk so much! Especially, Ma-Tilda! (Marion and Tilda). Clap! Clap! Clap!

Pero ang sagot ni Heidi Klum….

“Ako pa rin ang wagi sa Red Carpet! Tse nyong lahat!”

— from “Ma-Tilda

Waging wagi talaga si Lyka Bergen! She is our latest recipient of the Pinoy Blog Superstar badge!

For those who are protesting about these results, I would like to announce that the votes were tallied three times in order to get the winner right (especially with a margin this close).

The announcement of nominees for Pinoy Blog Superstar March 2008 edition will be revealed in a few days.  In the meantime, this has been Empress Maruja saying “keep on creating good blog content because there can only be one…

Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!”




14 responses

3 04 2008

Congrats Lyka!

3 04 2008
reyna elena

Congratuleshuness to Lyka! Pa canton plis! hehehe!

3 04 2008

congrats lyka! clap! clap! isa kang tunay na dyosa!

… op kors, ke gibo, kawadjan and zen bitch …

3 04 2008

naman! di ko kinaya. salamat po sa parangal.
congratulations kay lyka… malaking taga-hanga ako ng lola. basta, lovekosha.

3 04 2008

Hey….ang galing ni Dafydd, “the only geh in Wehls”!!!!

3 04 2008
The Zen Bitch

congratulations, lyka!

congratulations din, gibo and kawadjan!

at, salamat nang marami sa parangal na ito!

3 04 2008

congratz!!! asust…

3 04 2008
Lyka Bergen


Ako? Ako ba? (*reactiong Halle Berry yan noong Oscars 2002). Oh my God. I’m sorry. This moment is so much bigger than me. This moment is for Madonna, Cher, and Eugene Domingo. It’s for the women that stand beside me – Ekra, Kelly and Mama O. And it’s for every nameless, faceless bakla of substance that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.


Bakit ako? Feeling ko tuloy ako si Gwyneth Paltrow noong Oscars 1999. Tinalo ba naman ang Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, at Fernanda Montenegro ng Pinoy Blogger World. Kalokah!

Thank you sa nagboto. Thank you Maruja. And to Gibo, this is for you! Sana ikaw na lang ang binoto ko para tie ang beauties natin. Davu?

Kiks! Bruha! Ano pa ang hinhintay mo? Koronahan na ketch!


4 04 2008

congrats sa lahat- kay kawadjan at zen bitch. at syempre, kay lyka!

lyka, sooperstar na may jake pa! tse!

salamas sa lahat ng bomoto *wave sa crowd*

6 04 2008


This is your night. Your future is bright… tantananan. tantananan…

Napakatight ng labang ito. At lumabas din ang tunay na Pinoy Blog Superstar ng buwan.

At ikaw yon Lyka. Ikaw!

Ito ang korona… (ifrinisbee a la Derek Ramsey or something AT dahan-dahang umenterax sa ulunan ng magandang bergen.)


6 04 2008

sino escort mo? si jake?

10 04 2008

congratz sa mga nanalo..!
ang saya..!
may palatuntunan talaga..?
musta na empress maruja..?
bakit hindi mo pa ako link..?
nag tampo ba..?
okay lang yun..!

10 04 2008

sorry po..!
naka link na pala..!
sorry ha drama..! 😆

13 04 2008

Congrats to the winners. Wow… may criteria of judging na ngayon. 🙂 Which makes me guilty because I feel that I didn’t deserve to be featured before, not only that I just got lucky finding the bunny man, but also because I failed to give an effort to acknowledge the award in my blog. I was a lazy blogger, so dapat minus na agad dun sa “passionate about blogging” na puntos.

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