Blog Rounds, 03-25-2008

23 03 2008

Since I usually do my blog browsing in the office, I could not leave comments on some of my friends over at and because these web address are blocked. And if there is no other way of commenting such as through a chat box, I decided to leave my supposed-to-be comments here instead.

* To Omar, on “Holy Week

“Ako rin, walang ganap noong Holy Week. Bantay Bahay 163 ang byutiki ko tuloy.”

* To Q The Conqueror, on “Blue Wings

“Never kong naranasan ang masabak sa choir. Siguro kasi alam na ng mga parents ko noong simula pa lang ng hindi ko magiging karir ang pop singer.”

* To Culture Shiok, on “Visita Iglesia in Singapore

“I never knew Singapore has beautiful churches as well! Wish I could go there one of these days!”

* To Kurast Docks, on “Silver Thoughts

“Update ka naman… 😦


* To Soliloquydownunder, on “Picture Perfect: Gobsmacked

“Parang living art nga, as in the guy intentionally turned himself into a part of an installion! Galing!”

More comments in the coming days!




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