Germany’s Next Topmodel 3: Fierce for Combat

20 03 2008

I am so bad in choosing potential winners in any Top Model franchise. It happened to me in Philippines’ Next Flop Model when Jayna was eliminated way too early and Elf quit the competition because “she missed her family” (when in reality is that her passport expired, so she can’t go to their international destination).

This time, not even one of my bets made it to the Final 19 (which is still A LOT in Top Model standards). In Episode 3, the girls were brought into their first editorial photoshoot atop a hangar in Salzburg. The challenge is that they should be able to be fierce and sexy in the photos despite the noise coming from the Cobra fighter helicopter behind them.

I was planning to continue the traditional BANGIS (fierce) and BANGAS (slap the face with a trout) Awards, wherein I present the best and worst photos, but found out that not all images were included in the website. Guess the good people of GNTM still hasn’t appreciate the value of fan service, especially to those who love the show from overseas.

Anyway, while I’m still thinking of ways to have fun with GNTM (I only rely on its official website because the episodes being posted on YouTube do not have English subtitles…bummer). Perhaps a “create-a-caption” competition, but you’ll find out next week.

p.s. If any of you know where I could find all photoshoot images in GNTM, please let me know.  Thanks!

(Images courtesy of Kristian Schuller and ProSieben.)




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