Random Hot Men: Bryan Thomas Wants Your Vote

14 03 2008

Empress Maruja requests his lovely readers to vote for Bryan Thomas as “America’s Fittest Guy”. All you need to do is to click this link, look for the poll, and vote! I have already done my part, and I hope you do your share!

If you aren’t convinced yet, then try jumping to this…

You what’s my fave body part on Bryan?  His eyes, so maamo.

Thank you to Bryan Thomas Yahoo! Group for the photos!



5 responses

14 03 2008

OMG. pakipunas po… parang basa ako. LOL!

15 03 2008

Every Centimeter of that guy is yummy!

18 06 2008

oh my god you are so hot marry me please phone number 98372928

5 09 2008

oh my god bryan thomas is so freaking hot! just looks good enough to eat dont you think? lol

3 10 2008

I like his genital i love to suck that. .. And his body too..

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