PAPA-tulan Mo Ba: Successful American in search of a wife

6 03 2008

Alam niyo naman ang Empress Maruja, laging may bagong gimik! Recently ay bisi-bisihan ang lola niyo sa kakahanap ng afam sa Craigslist para makahuthot ng enough anda para makasodom and gumora sa concert ni Tiesto this coming April. Pero imbes na makahanap akets ng Kanong mauuto, nakasaylalu naman akets ng mga advertisements mula sa mga lalakeng naghahanap ng pagmamahal sa iba’t ibang aspeto’t anggulo.

Kung kaya’t ang Maruja ay may tanong sa aking readers: PAPA-tulan Mo Ba?

Every now and then, may lilitaw sa blog kets na personal ad base sa aktwal na postings mula sa iba’t ibang Craiglists communities. Mag-iwan ng komento kung PAPA-tulan mo ba o PAPA-tsupi na lang. Mas bongga pa chever kung gagawa ka pa ng reply sa personal ad.

(The following personal ad is based on an actual entry in “Craigslist dot com”. Personal details such as actual names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and photographs are edited or deleted to protect the poster’s privacy.)

Heto ang buwena-manong edisyon ng PAPA-tulan Mo Ba?


Title: Successful American in search of a wife

I’m a single white male from America. 5’10”, 250lbs, brown hair, white beard. Very nice, caring, supportive, affectionate.

In spite of the fact that my advanced degrees are in Physics, I work full time in the pharmaceutical industry and I’m also a part-time college professor. I’m also a homeowner and I consider myself to be financially and emotionally secure.

For hobbies I love all kinds of music, I play jazz and classical guitar, I also love wood working and make musical instruments (as well as most of my furniture when I get the time). I enjoy movies, especially horror and science fiction. I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, camping, swimming and most outdoor activities.

What I am looking for in a woman is actually quite simple. Essentially I am looking for someone who is warm, sensitive and caring. Someone who is affectionate, loves to cuddle, smuggle and isn’t afraid of intimacy. Very importantly I am looking for someone who understands that, two people, working together towards a common goal, build a relationship.

In addition to this I am looking for someone who knows the difference between being sexual and sensual. Bluntly put, being sexual is a bump and grind session that is often over in 5 minutes. Being sensual is the entire presentation (not to be confused with a show) of how a woman carries herself, makes eye contact, her manor of talking, the whole process of touching, kissing, cuddling, etc. Looked at from this perspective, an evening can be an incredible sensual turn on without even having sex (of course this is the icing on the cake so to speak).

I am specifically looking for a transgender woman because I am very much attracted to very feminine women. I am looking for someone who knows the difference between feminine and being female. I have found that most of the genetic women I have known are under the mistaken impression that, by virtue of being born with a certain set of genitalia they are automatically feminine. I believe though that femininity is not a genetic right, but a set of traits that are learned and cultured over the years. T-girls, as opposed to genetic girls, have a genetic compulsion to become female and thus also feminine. The T-girls I have known work hard at becoming feminine, this is something I appreciate in a woman.

Is a cock necessary to make a T-girl attractive? Not at all. This leads into the question of my sexuality. I am entirely straight and have no interest in men (as men) in any kind of sexual or romantic way. While a grant the fact that a cock is an interesting diversion, the cock does not make the woman who she is. She does in her entirety. Her personality, sensuality, and femininity… this is the important part that remains after and surgery. And in the end would I like her to keep it or would I like her to have the surgery? Actually I would like her to keep it, though this is ultimately up to her.


Tanong ngayon ng bayan: PAPA-tulan Mo Ba?





5 responses

6 03 2008

tarantado na garrett yan. mapatulan nga.

7 03 2008

me titi ako pero wala akong suso. papaano ba itu?!!!

7 03 2008
Lyka Bergen

Mukhang majubis ang Garrett. Di ko sya papatulan. Ke Leaf Garrett na lang ketch! Tse!

8 03 2008
ate sienna

teka.. naloka ako.. ano sya, mujer, badetch, hombre??? anovah????? confused ang lola mo!

8 03 2008
empress maruja

Nakausap ko si Svelte at heto ang kanyang statement:

“Konting diet at facial lang ‘yan. Ano pa ba ang silbi ng pagiging 2nd runner-up ko sa Miss Gay Interlevel noong high school?”

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