Make Me a Supermodel is the Gayest Show on TV!

5 03 2008

I know, I’m posting about Make Me a Supermodel for the first time in the middle of the competition, but my love for this show cannot be denied.  When I watched its “Meet the Models” special, right there I knew this is gonna be exciting.  I mean, the guys are uber-hot, and most of the girls are actually model-like.

But what I REALLY liked about MMAS is the “fan service”.  The show knows how to please its target audience like teen to twenty-something girls and the broad gay market.  As Rickey puts it, Make Me a Supermodel is the gayest show on TV.

Here’s an example why…

This is actually my favorite photo yet in the competition (for obvious reasons), but that does not created the whole buzz…

It’s none other than the unlikely couple Ben and Ronnie.  A recently-married prison guard from Nashville buddies with an openly gay student.  All that “would they or wouldn’t they” drives viewers nuts! (Uy, ang mga bakla kinikilig sa love team…)

If you haven’t seen the show, don’t worry.  There’s a lot of time to catch up through YouTube and Tudou.  I’m sure you’ll gonna love it as well.

(all images and footages are from Bravo TV)

p. s.  Team Holly for the win!



2 responses

6 03 2008

Yes. The lollipop would just make it gay.

This is the FIRST time ever I have heard of this show. I really don’t watch TV.

I like the new layout Empress! Very Nice.

6 03 2008

I am so freaking hooked on this show. I have been looking for that picture of Casey and Perry for a while–so glad you had it posted so I could download it.

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