Germany’s Next Topmodel 3: Flight of the Early Jetsetters

3 03 2008

The good people behind Germany’s Next Topmodel sure know how to pull out all the stops when it comes to creating fabulous episodes. However, I’m sad to learn that the kooky runway coach Bruce Darnell no longer appears in the third cycle. Apparently, he has his own TV show now.  We’re sure gonna miss his mantra:  SEXY, SEXXY, SEXXXY…

Anyway, after over 18,000 girls from all over the world (as long as she can “sprechen die Deutsche Sprache”) applied in aspiration of following the footsteps of Lena Gercke and Barbara Meier, 120 were selected for a day-long casting consisting of runway walks, interviews, and “emotion photoshoots”.

Now, here’s the crazy part…

Almost half of the girls continued their journey to become Germany’s Next Topmodel and went on to their next challenge–in freaking Barcelona!

In a typical GNTM tradition, the models were booked for ACTUAL jobs during the competition. The candidates flew to the Spanish city to take part in a fashion show for Phillip Plein (who is so ho~t!). This is part of Heidi Klum’s philosophy of “starting them while they’re young”.

But of course, not all of them succeeded…

Heidi was upset over Sarah because she didn’t even pose at the end of the runway.

In the end, 30 girls were selected. I know, that’s a lot of finalists but I think (judging from what I’ve watched about the second cycle) either two or three girls would get eliminated every week; or the models will be trimmed down by half next week.

My early bets whom I think would be MABANGIS in the competition are (from top to bottom) Lisa, Svetlana, and Steffi.

Check out the full list of models and tell me who you think would make it to the Final 3.

(GNTM images courtesy of Prosieben and Oliver S; emotion photoshoot courtesy of Robertino Nicolic)




12 responses

6 03 2008

I am fairly sure they’ll trim it down to the usual 10-15 people tonight, simply because it’s near to impossible to identify with such a lage cast and they’d run into problems telling the corresponding stories.
I’m guessing they’ll sort out all those girls that are under 18 or won’t turn 18 during the season by default due to child protection legislation in Germany and then some more.

Don’t know if you know about this, but there was actually some controversy/additional PR about that barcelona walk because the organiser gave out a press release calling the thing unprofessional and badly organised because the girls had no matching shoes, there was no water supplied for them and generally made a bad impression to the audience because as they stated in the episode the audience was indeed real/”legit”.

I find it extremly intersting that our reality-shows are even watched by foreigners on the other side of the world. Keep it up.

13 03 2008

Heidi Klum ist die beste ,,, ich hab dich sehr lieb byeeeeeeee

13 03 2008

Heidi Klum du bist die besteeeeeeee …. hab diich ganzz doll liEbbbb…. byeee (K)

13 03 2008

alle kandidatinen sind sehr hübschh … hab euch alleee sehr liEb und wünsch euch sehr viel glück….. byee

13 03 2008

Hallii halöle.,, ihr hübschen kandidatinen .. ihr seid sehr süß und teu teu teu … ich hab keine favoritienen weil ihr seit zu hüsch alleeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. byeee

14 03 2008

du bis diiiiii beste Heidi Klum hab dich lieb kissssssssssssssss

28 03 2008

gina lisa du bist die beste von alem hab dich lieb

28 03 2008

gisele ich hase dich ich vil nur das du raus ges von germany`s next top model

22 05 2008

alam ko kung sino nanalo 😀

27 05 2008

hi there my favourites are wanda and christina!!!!I think caro is shit and janina looks really bad without make up.jenny is a little bit too young i think but sche is my third choice!!!!i hope that wanda or christina will winn the competition!!!!and heidi klum is really winderfull by,yours janina<3

8 06 2008

Christin atut mir volle kanne leid fr dich du warsch voll hbsch und Janina du au Gisele du hasch hier nix verlorn Bianca tut mir au voll leid du und sophia ihr saht aus wie geschwister xD Caro du warst supi kssi an alle auser Gisele

9 06 2008

es gibt bald ein cristina seite
am 5.10.08

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