Random Hot Men: The Hottiemeter #3

29 02 2008

Empress Maruja’s Hottiemeter is back! Who do you think among the 10 guys featured in this post sizzle your bizzeezle? Leave a comment and state your case!

More hot guys after the jump!

So, who among them is the hottest?



10 responses

29 02 2008

the guy in the hammock —

sexy pits,
dirty look,
the vein that runs on his left bicep,
and the strong, taut legs that are ready to crush your head after orgasm.

haaaaay! kelan ba ko makakahanap ng ganyan na tunay na magmamahal sa kin?

29 02 2008

id go for Hunk 5. almost greek yet not quite.

29 02 2008

Hunk Number 5. Almost Greek.

1 03 2008

I choose the sixth guy too! The guy on the hammock. I’ll worship him from head down to that gorgeous toe.

1 03 2008

Hammock guy din ang aking boto!

2 03 2008

guy in the 5th photo! maamo ang fez, pero fierce ang katawan! meeeooow! chos.

2 03 2008

the 5th guy. burrito kung burrito. diba burrito?

5 03 2008

number 1: kilay palang laglag na ang strapless bra ko!

number 5: gusto ko ring sumakay sa duyan nya.

number 7: welcome to the jungle!

5 03 2008

5 6 7…. haaaay…

6 03 2008

Hammock boy. He just has that look on his face like he is expecting some service. Love it.

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