Yeah Right, MTV

22 01 2008

Jimi Cantiello of MTV swears to the powers-that-be that American Idol Sensation Reynaldo Lapuz STOLE his original composition “We’re Brothers Forever” from “You Are My Sister” by Anthony and the Johnsons.

Okay, let’s compare…

Does this song…

(Sorry guys, I so love this remix.)

Sound like this?

Yeah right, Jimi, a lowly nursing aide stole a song he probably hasn’t heard in his 40 or so years in the Philippines.

Isang bagsak para kay Jimi! Plak!



8 responses

22 01 2008

tarayera! labanan sa kanta talaga!

23 01 2008
Raymond Lee Quijano

pusa….. magaling pa kumanta si maru jan eh!

sampol nga maru at ng matauhan. ^^

28 01 2008

i don’t hear the similarties at all.

28 01 2008

yeah, no similarities at all. jimi really just had to wreck the fanfare, eh.

29 01 2008

no way! layo kaya.

21 02 2008

Well, all i heard in the second vid was crud(No offense)

21 02 2008

Oh, and the first vid’d the best!

28 03 2008

They sound NOTHING alike! So remove your slanderess post! How can you even compare these two songs? Renaldo’s song rocks…the other song is boooooring!

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