Pinoy Blog Superstar December 2007 Winner!

21 01 2008

(Yeh mahn! Ready na ever ang mga Rasta-mare natin, huh!)

Welcome, my dear readers, to our exciting announcement of this month’s Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!


I personally apologize for the delay because my home PC’s whacked, and I’d be blogging from the office from now on (don’t worry, they allow it).

First of all, I would like to thank all of those who voted for their two favorite blogs, even those who were a little bit pasaway despite informing them about da rule, yah? (Empress Maruja still loves yah, but we have to follow rules, yah know?)

I would also like to congratulate all of our ten great nominees. It has been one of the tightest race yet, and you all deserve it!

But before we announce our winner, here’s some special winding number from Queen Mamba…

Oh my bad! Sorry sorry sorry…

Now let me find some BETTER performer…

Again, here’s a great dancehall performance from the first Japamaican Queen, Junko “Bashment” Kudo yah!

Thank you, Junko, yaw bangin yah!~

Here’s the moment you have all been waiting for. Who among our lovely nominees would step up and become this month’s Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!

I shall now announce our runners-up…

The second runner-up goes to… representing Friday Group…

Your Headphones! Congratulations…

Now, our first runner-up is awarded to… from Monday Group…

A.bba: Adbentyurs ng Bikolanang Baklang Aktibista! Congratulations…

And finally, the winner of Pinoy Blog Superstar for December 2007 is…

Also from Friday Group… Misterhubs!

“Of all the things I received (last Christmas), this one — a set of screwdrivers seemingly salvaged from the Titanic — left me baffled. I’ve never expressed a need or desire to screw and tighten nuts into place (unless by ‘nut’ I meant something else, something preferably shaved). So what was Mrs. Neri thinking, if at all, when she decided that these worn-out tools would make a good Christmas gift for me? Doesn’t she know that I’m not a handyman? That sharp, rusty objects may cause tetanus? And that not giving is sometimes better than giving crap?”

–from “Screw This Gift

Congratulations, Misterhubs! You are the NEW Pinoy Blog Superstar!


If you are interested to join this blog contest, SEE POSTERS AND PRINT ADS FOR DETAILS.

This has been Empress Maruja. Thank you and good evening!




7 responses

22 01 2008
The Zen Bitch

congratulations kina johnnypanic, kiks at mister hubs!

22 01 2008
reyna elena

Congratulations ever!!!

22 01 2008
reyna elena

Empress Maruja nga pala, me tag ako sayo

Mga 8:00am pa lalabas. Do them as you like, voluntaryness ever lang to. Thanks.

22 01 2008

Hinawi ang bangs sa me feslak bago magbow.

Chuva to you, Misterhubs. Mahirap talagang mapantayan.

Johnnypanic, ganun den.

Meni tenchuness sa vumotchina. Meni tenchuness Empress Maruja.


22 01 2008

Congrats Kiks!

Congrats Misterhubs!

Sa lahat ng bumoto saken, I teynkyu! Empress Maruja, salamat po sa second princess crown na eto. mwah! mwah! mwah!

23 01 2008

I won?! I won! Yey! First of all, congratulations to Kiks and Johnnypanic and all the other nominees. Thanks to all those who voted for me! Thanks to Empress for the nomination! And lastly, thanks to my Hubster Bunny for the inspiration. You’re the reason why I blog.

I love you all!

24 01 2008

Congratulations winners 🙂

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