Germany’s Next Topmodel Pwns ANTM!

15 01 2008

(Warning: Video Overload)

With all the hoopla and the monkey-shit-slinging among Philippine top networks over petty accusations of ratings manipulation, I simply turned on the computer and searched for foreign TV shows. At least here, there are still hints of sanity that our local fare has totally waned.

First, I watched Project Runway Canada. Way better than the American counterpart, especially when it comes to designs…where it REALLY mattered.

And then after several hours of browsing, I stumbled upon Germany’s version of America’s Next Top Model.

Watching the second cycle of Germany’s Next Topmodel (note the different spelling), I am fully convinced that this is THE BEST Top Model franchise ever, and that’s despite the fact that each episode is TWO HOURS LONG! Why?

1. Two words: Heidi Klum!

(By the way, it’s not 1,600 girls. It’s actually 16,000 girls who auditioned.)

As you watch more episodes, you can really see Heidi’s role as a mentor to the candidates and not some tyrannical maniac.

2. GNTM has the most model-like contestants.

I mean, come on, would any decent designer cast the likes of…say, Brandy of ANTM Cycle 4 or Wendy of Cycle 6? As Christian Audigier explained… (start on 00:15)

See? Even he agreed with me.

3. Some Reward Challenges are ACTUAL castings.

There are several challenges where the candidates underwent castings and the winners get actual jobs. In these videos, the girls participated in a student fashion show and three of them were rewarded with a runway job in Paris!

4. Ms. J ain’t got nothing on Bruce Darnell.

Aaah…their American runway coach, either you find him likeable because of his quirky nature or creepy because of how he would “eye” the models (I’m a little of both). But nevertheless, he actually teaches the models how to walk. Here’s his runway training in Bangkok (one of GNTM2’s SIX international destinations).

5.  GNTM searches for an ACTUAL top model.

One thing that makes GNTM really stand out is that they were searching for “Germany’s Next Top Model”, not “Germany’s Next Top Bitch”.  Also, the winner did become a top model unlike… Naima who?  Saleisha what?

Are you convinced now?  Then let’s wait for their third cycle this February!




8 responses

15 01 2008
Raymond Lee Quijano

overload nga yung video! ang gaganda! *nosebleed!*

teka, you have been tagged!
please answer, okies? ^_^

15 01 2008

di nga matatawaran ang lola heidi

16 01 2008

wow, i finally got to watch this show almost in full thru your blog, hahaha. thanks. barbara with the red hair, i just love her. as for fiona, she’s so funny, she should join a comedy show as the wicked stepmomma. tama ka, maganda talaga ang concept nila as they really help the girls and most of the bitching around came from fiona, hehe.. i didnt know they would be having a third show. all i know is kapag nagpunta ako sa bangkok this feb, magshow din ako sa siam paragon, hehe

16 01 2008

Bad TV is Philippine TV!walang kwenta ang mga show ngaun nila,no wonder nagpapatayan sila in the name of ratings ‘coz quality is a strange word to those networks now.

kaya pala me overload pa rin ng koreanovelas sa pinas dahil walang may alam kung paano gumawa ng magandang show.

OnT:para na ngang poor version ang ANTM ni Tyra dahil walang kwenta ang pinapanalo nya!

16 01 2008

Panalo yung fountain shot. Hehe.

17 01 2008

Nice, we share the same interest i love top model series too! and i agree GNTM is one of the best TM series.

20 02 2008

Hey are you going to post the 3 cycle of GNTM?? please let me know

6 03 2008
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