The Gay Telenovela

27 12 2007

Ever wonder what it looked like to watch a gay-themed drama on TV?  Worry no more.

Part 2 is after the jump.  Go…




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28 12 2007

dear meron gay version ng As The World Turns na airing ngayon sa states. ang ganda diba mga baklang nagaagwan ng jowa at nagpapagandahan.

31 12 2007
reyna elena

wow! i never knew this! haha!


I wish you the best of the year to come as well as to all your fans and readers and lurkers! You’ve shared a lot and made a lot of people happy and you’ve done so much for the human-gay-kind kaya have a happy happy new year mah dear! Candidate ka na Nobel Peace Prize neks yir. Pramis.

Thank you for the support!

31 12 2007


happy new year!
ipagpatuloy mo ang pagiging ikaw!
great jo here!


31 12 2007

Well It’s just as cheesy, as annoying, as mind-numbing as straight telenovelas. Therefore, they must’ve used the same script only with ALL MEN.

Happy New Year Empress!

31 12 2007

Happy New Year Empress. This is so gay-youthful na sana naging bayot din si Myron na meatball ng soccer team nung HS kami.


31 12 2007

akala ko gay porn. tsk.

new year!

2 01 2008

watch maru ng queer as folk ehehehehehe

3 01 2008

I remember this show. It was on MTV when I was on high school. I would stay up late at night just to watch it. “Undress” had several gay story lines but its typically for the straight viewers. Thanks for the video.

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