Maruja Sunday Specials #20

10 12 2007

Lesson of the Week

* “No matter how tempting, never fall asleep while having a haircut. The stylists hate it.”

I don’t know about you guys, but having my hair cut has a calming effect. However, it comes to a point when I would just close my eyes and would just wake up once everything is done.

What I thought as a “good thing” apparently does not sit well with the stylists I had visited. They would instead provide you with what I call “half-service”. The most recent one, in an upscale salon, the stylist forgot (or deliberately did not) apply hair wax on my newly-trimmed hair after my deep salon slumber. I was supposed to give a decent tip for all the “inconvenience” I cause but she was nowhere to be found (you would know if the stylist would ask for a tip if he or she stands near the reception as you pay).

I probably need to schedule my visits to the salon carefully next time.

(photo courtesy of

* “Give in to your parents’ wishes. It’s the least you can do.”

I’ve noticed that my Dad hasn’t been reading newspapers lately and I wondered why, but I didn’t asked.

One day while trying to read the paper, he told me not to subscribe to Philippine Daily Inquirer. Apparently, he hated that newspaper especially how the news is presented.

However, there’s a rub: I like Inquirer. I love reading it especially the showbiz section. It gives you a rundown of the tabloid headlines and showbiz talk show topics. I also like when columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal post blog entries written by her celebrity friends like Zsa Zsa Padilla and Lea Salonga, or when Nestor Torre would give his two cents about the TV programs and movies (despite his lack of factual research, he once referred the game show “Distraction” as “Distribution”).

There’s another rub: He wanted to go back to reading The Philippine Star, and I hate its showbiz section. I mean, who the hell would interest about reading Butch Francisco’s collection of Santo Niño’s in his column? Or Ricky Lo’s monthly angel directory? What’s so “showbiz” about that? Rubbish I say!

But being the good son that I am, I gave Dad our first issue of Philippine Star after a year. He’s beginning to read the news again.

I’ll just read instead.


MUSIC BREAK: “Passion” by Utada Hikaru

Bakit now ko lang itets narinig? This old Utada Hikaru song was released in 2005 and became the theme song of the Japanese version of Playstation 2 game “Kingdom Hearts II“.

This has been my song of the moment. Wiz ko talaga matigilang pakinggan itets for ever and for life. I’ve listened to the English version “Sanctuary” (not a direct translation of Passion’s lyrics), even the fan-made piano version (you should see the sheet music, the notes were kuh-reyzee).

One notable feature of this song is that it has reversed lyrics, so fans couldn’t help but to backmask it.

Hope you enjoy the song like I did!


Da Best “2 Girls, 1 Cup” Reaction

Marami na talaga ang wingdam come sa na ‘yan (WARNING: is not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach, and espeyshalee under 18). Heto nga’t shineyr ni Kumareng Blue Harajuku ang isang reaction video na sey niya “Pang-Empress Maruja ang level”.

Ako naman, gaga, watch naman.

“You thought you’ve seen it all! You THOUGHT you’ve seen it all!”

Kalokah! Akong-ako…hahahaha!


Eating Delicious at Delicious with Mr. Delicious

(photo courtesy of Pulsar)

I’ve been to Delicious before when my ex-boss in the modeling agency went out with his new male model and I was tagged along. It’s a little Chinese restaurant tucked somewhere near Ongpin street in Manila’s Santa Cruz district. At first, I thought the name is an exaggeration. You know, false advertising.

But when we ate what my ex-boss ordered, I thought it was an understatement. The food was indeed delicious.

Problem is: I totally forgot what we ordered.

Good thing I met a guy yesterday (Sunday, I’m writing this on Monday noon). We had a brief chat, spent some time together, and he decided that he would have dinner over at Delicious. He asked me out and I said yes (Why should I refuse? I love good food.).

We walked several blocks along Avenida under the rain and when we got there, the restaurant was PACKED. I’m not kidding. The staff were so busy, it took a while before we asked for our orders. I let him choose, since he goes there more often.

He has nothing but high praises for Delicious. He tried other Chinese restaurants and he said no one has able to duplicate the taste that the cooks at Delicious. It’s probably in the “medicine” that they put, he told me. Remember that Chinese herbs can either be used as spice or medicine.

The waitress laid “Beef Maki” (pictured) on the table. It’s a thick breaded beef soup with strips of what looked like ginger but tasted like garlic. I, too, tried to break apart the broth’s taste but it was too challenging. I opted to savor the dish instead as we talked about our love for good food.

We had differences over our preferences. I am the more adventurous type, while he prefers the more savory cuisine (he hates “tasteless” Vietnamese food, for instance).

It was then followed by “Seafood Chami”. The waitress mistook it for another type of Chami the guy is asking for, but the dish is a pleasure to the palate anyway so he shrugged the mistake. I appreciate how he helped me remember why the place is called “Delicious” in the first place.

After we shared the bill, we traveled together on our way to our places. Hopefully we meet again.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, he was delicious too!




7 responses

10 12 2007

empress, that 2girls vid is NASTY.

10 12 2007
Lyka Bergen

TRhanks for sharing Utada ha! I Lyk.

She’s lyk Enya/Dido/Bjork/Grace Nono/Dadawa/ and Anggun in one. Galeng! Tse!

11 12 2007

Hair styling 101:
Dont ever say to the hairstylist: “Surprise Me!”

hehe, magandang araw!

11 12 2007

love ko talaga ang utada.

at dahil tarantang utada watashi (pahiram empress.) ditey sa lugar ng mga average but very hard notrils, next week na akez makakazhulat aver.

going muna akez to the civilization where the climate is colder and internet, alien.


12 12 2007
blue harajuku

oist invite mo din ako pag mag e eht kayu ni mr delicious kahit pang referee ako ahehehehe

yung sa 2g1c natatawa talaga ako sa reaction nila hahahaha yun talaga ang the best!

mwag mwah!

15 12 2007

May blog si Zsa Zsa? Share!!!

16 12 2007

@ toni – Nasa Multiply daw, pero hindi shine-share ni Dolly Ann Carvajal ‘yung address. Try ko ngang hanapin…

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