Pinoy Blog Superstar November 2007 Nominees!

4 12 2007

It’s that time once again, but a little explanation first.

I was saddened when I learned some bloggers thought that this competition was just another blog contest only meant to increase my readership. It’s not just that.

I created this contest to find the most promising bloggers in hopes that the winners as well as the nominees would have increased readership because I believe that good content deserves good readers (a mantra that I should also remember from now on).

Anyway, after days of squinting my eyes against the monitor, Empress Maruja has finally chosen the nominees for Pinoy Blog Superstar on November 2007.

The nomination process went as such:

1) All bloggers who added me in their blogroll are qualified, but bloggers should post at least five entries in a month. (And just like in raffle draws, “the more entries, the more chances of winning”.)

2) The blogs are then divided into groups (according to days when I am supposed to read them). These were sorted out “like cards”.

3) Each blog is then read according to the following preliminary criteria:

* Is the author passionate with blogging?

* Does the author write with quality content?

* Does the author write with original content? (This is very crucial. I was dismayed after finding out that there are blogs that copy verbatim from other blogs.)

4) The blogs that stand out from these criteria would then undergo a second round of judging according to the following criteria:

* Does the author write in a consistent style?

* Has it kept you engaged in reading?

* Does the blog deserve more readers?

And now without further ado, here are our nominees for November 2007’s Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!… starting off with the representative of Monday Group:


Em Dy is Filipino physician in Quezon City who checks out the yummiest foodie finds, the hottest movies, and anything in between.

“As the restaurant is located in a busy part of the mall and with an open design, it never attracted me because I value solitude and calm. But I was surprised when I sat inside for the first time. It was not as noisy as I expected it to be. It provided a good vantage point to watch the goings on in the ground floor. The music that they played was calming. And I don’t often notice the sounds inside a restaurant. This time I did, it was La Vie en Rose and others of the same genre. I felt I was in a Parisian cafe.”

— from “Le Coeur de France

It took me hours to decide which of the Tuesday Group’s two standout blogs deserve the nomination until I gave up and nominated them both.

The Evening Sky is Pink

Yuriki-kin is relatively-new blogger (on Blogger, at least) with a mouthful of opinions delivered just right.

“I suppose the problem lies in how people read the Bible. No one knows how to really READ the Bible. Most stay on the thematic level, focusing on the moral lesson. But that’s just barely scratching the surface. If the Bible is the heart and soul of Catholicism, then why not use it to explicate our faith? I think the church is underestimating our intellectual abilities.

What’s my point? It is very simple: do not force your children (or anyone else for that matter) to hear mass. We’ll go there when we want to. You’re just going to waste your and my time.”

— from “the reason why I’m not religious

Reyna Elena

The hilarious defender of the OFW around the world, mixed with hilarious anecdotes.

“Nag-bobowling kami!”

Text nya minsan.

“Nasa Tagaytay kami!”

Text nya uli. Anak nang kung sinong hudas barabas!

Ano ako? Diary Whisperer?! Eh kung sabihin ko kaya sa kanya na weekend trip ko lang ang London? Sabihin ko kaya sa kanya na banas na ako sa Europe dahil naubos ko nang puntahan sa kakahada ko? Sabihin ko kaya sa kanya na kagagaling ko lang nang Hongkong at Tokyo – wala, nakipag-inuman lang. Sabihin ko kayang, dumaan ako nang Macau at bumili nang yosi? Sabihin ko kayang sana tumakbong pabalik yong bola nang bowling at tamaan ang bunganga nya?

— from “I’m a hospitality girl

Here’s the nominee from the Wednesday Group…


Niña Bumanglag’s views on current events deserve a good read, with great anecdotes to boot!

“It’s not that I’m being too pessimistic, but considering PNP’s terrible track record of solving cases in this country, I think it’s only fair to have doubts or second thoughts on their capabilities. I mean, just look at how miraculous these guys worked in the Glorietta 2 and the Batasang Pambansa Bombings, have you ever seen them solve cases that fast or capture the culprits that effective? Almost everyone is crying planted evidence but as far as the PNP is concerned, they did a damn good job. It might be just me or has justice been absent in this country for too long that seeing our cops do a good job looks weird? But still, having faith in them shouldn’t hurt; not everything they did resulted to falsehoods.”

— from “A Closer Look at Mariannet Amper’s Sad Fate

Meanwhile, Thursday Group’s representative is…

Simply Manila

What is intriguing about Reyville’s blog is how he doesn’t treat his featured men as “just another piece of meat” (I remember getting an e-mail from a model I featured saying just that). You could also browse through his insightful anecdotes.

“Going back to the corporate world turned out to be less exciting and more noxious than going back to school. Both worlds require a lot of rules that you can either bend or adore. Each has their own agenda. Each sketched a small place for me … like I am no one but a slave. I have been into these opposite worlds before. In fact, I have settled into both places twice. But I am still lost like I was. I know there is a way out, but for now, I have to convince myself that the only way to get any further is to be a slave five days a week, nine hours a day.”

— from “The Sweet Escape

And last but definitely not the least is the “pambato” of Friday Group…

A. bba: Adbentyurs ng Bikolanong Baklang Aktibista

The “T-bak” from Hong Kong has a lot of hilarious tales and anecdotes as he shouts “Makibakla! Wag makyokot!”

B for Below Par

Nalungkot ang A.bba. At nanghinayang. Bakit di planned? Bakit di coordinated? In the general scheme of things, this could have worked kung involved pa ang ibang organizations, individuals, movements, sectors, etal.

Parang sila-sila lang ang pumunta don and wham, aasahan na nilang bumuhos ang mga taong imbyerna na kay Gloriang magwalk and sashay into the streets of Makati? Weird moment talaga yung sinabi ng isang mama na may mahigit 10 milyong bumoto kay Trillanes? And for that, me susuporta na sa kanila. Crash Test Dummies, go: mmm, mmm, mmm.”

— from “Ang Tindig ni A. bba sa mga Nagsitindigan sa Makati


Congratulations to all our nominees! Empress Maruja would also like to list down the following entries in our Honorable Mention Roll.

* “What am I to you?” from Zen Bitch

“In Cambodia there is a huge same-sex subculture that the ‘polite’ society does not acknowledge. Cultural quirks make it easy for men to have sex with each other with absolutely no strings attached. One of these ‘strings’ is an identity. There is no specific word for gay in the Khmer language. Not even something close to our ‘bakla’. This non-existence has many implications for the Cambodian gay man. Because in spite of this sexual behavior/preference, he is still expected to carry out his obligations as a man: marry a woman, father children, and support his family. For me, this non-existence is a most extreme form of homophobia. And it’s going to take a long time for this to change, if it will change at all.

Because my lover is Cambodian, I am indirectly affected by this. It took him a long time to accept himself fully as a gay man. And now he feels that the only way for him to be able to live freely as a gay man is if he leaves the country. But my direct experiences with homophobia did not happen with Cambodians, it happened with other Filipinos.”

* “Sex First Before Relationship” by Queer Chef

“I am not fond of courtships or whatever rituals or initiations one has to do in order to be in a relationship with someone. They always say that they want to know the person deeply before giving up their own treasure which is usually the main goal of the other party. But I think this is just a delaying tactic that should have been omitted. And we all know (do we?) that sex changes everything like turning a very sweet person into someone that is cold because they got what they wanted (i.e. post-cum jerks according to Empress Maruja). Or if not careful especially on the girls, an added bonus after nine months.

That’s why it is nice to start everything with a bang so that the expectations are low and the chances of getting hurt are slim. If the person you are shagging with is still the same or adores you more then probably you found a keeper. Also you know that the person is not just after the sex but who you really are which is very important to have a long term relationship.”

* “Showbizness Is Not For The Onion-Skinned” by Bryan Miseducated

“If anything, the Filipino people should sue (Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby):

1. For assuming that Lolit Solis and Pilipino Star Ngayon is our source of truth.

2. For their homosexual prejudice by implying that being a gay man as a sexual orientation injures a person’s reputation or the repute of his profession.

3. For actually believing that they are bankable actors.

4. For assuming that we actually consider them as actors.”

* “A little bit of fiction” by Wifely Steps

“I will not have the guts to talk to him. I shake my head, tuck the book under my arm and turn to leave. Stupid me, thinking something would change, that something would happen. I sigh and take a step away.


I turn around.

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)

“Oh hi Jack!” I stutter in surprise.

He is smiling.

Smiling at me.

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

I smile back.

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)”

* “How to Plan a Coup” by John Halcyon von Rothschild

“2. Ousting the President would actually mean physically extracting her from the Palace. This means that you and your men have to leave the luxury five-star hotel and march across Mendiola into Malacanang Palace.

3. Be articulate. Not like this:

Trillanes: “Like soldiers, we’re going to face this.”
Reporter: “Sir, how are you going to face this?”
Trillanes: (after a beat) “Whatever.”
From the McVie Show

4. Make sure you have the successor, ie. the Vice-President on board, make sure you have Cabinet Members, Congressmen, and the Middle Class on your side.”

* “S2 Ep17 Pilipinas Podcast! Sa Wakas!” by Dan and Rye

The podcast episode of epic proportions! The duo behind The Dan and Rye Show recounts their respective Philippine vacations with recordings in Cebu and Taguig cities.

* and “Yam Yam” by Mandaya Moore-Orlis

“Puso ko ay para sa iyo lang,” sabi ni Red.

“Puso mo at puso ko, sana ay magkaintindihan tayo,” dugtong nya.

“Tapos, sasabihin mo ‘Krus ni Hesus’.” patapos niya.

Pero may pahabol pa sya.

“Dapat walang amen. Then, hipan mo ng tatlong beses ang guy,” sabi niya.”


TO VOTE:  (Instead of presenting a new voting format as I said weeks ago, I decided to modify the current rules instead.)

1)  Leave a comment in this post and vote for TWO of your favorite blogs.  Any vote containing more or less than two blogs are not counted.

2)  Nominees have the option to vote, but only with another co-nominee (since they automatically have a vote for self).

3)  Deadline of voting is on December 10, 2007, at 11:59 p.m.

Voting lines are now officially OPEN! Who will be the next Pinoy Blog SOOperstar?!



43 responses

4 12 2007

vote na tayo! dali!!!

4 12 2007
reyna elena

EEEK!! I need to win this! I NEED TO WIN THIS! I NEED ABALOS! EYEE NIIID ABALOS! Babalik ako! Tatawagin ko lahattttt na me mga utanggg saken… BRB! hehehe

4 12 2007
Lyka Bergen

Kiks and Reyna Elena! Yun na!

4 12 2007

in fairness, mareng maruja.. nadagdagan nga ang readers ko dahil sa nomination ko last month. salamat!

pangalawa, salamat din sa pagsama sa TD&RS sa honorable mention roll. dan and i are very honored! (naloka si dan sa “podcast episode of epic proportions”! hehehe!)

boto ko: kiks and reyna elena.

5 12 2007

I’m voting for PULSE and the evening sky is pink.

5 12 2007
The Zen Bitch

hi empress,

thanks for nominating me in the honorable mention roll! i hope to be nominated in the coming months’ Pinoy Blog Sooperstar.


5 12 2007

hi! added you to my blog 🙂

5 12 2007
reyna elena

*kaway-kaway* kina Lyka at Dan & Rye! ~wink~wink~

Empress!! Ibinandilyo ko na’t binalandra ko na sya. I expect na sa mga ilang sandali lang darating na ang mga hakot crowd ko, yong mga binili kong botantes, yong mga tigbak na botantes, yong mga unregistered botantes sa trak ni Abalos!

Daming thank you!!!

5 12 2007

am voting for Reyna Elena!
hmm kelangan 2 ang vote? oki i’ll vote for Pulse too =)

5 12 2007

i would have to vote for bryan miseducated.

showbiz is in fact not for uber sensitive people. he does not only have truly alarming truths in his writing, he also states them in a way that compells you to participate in the discourse.

5 12 2007

I am voting for mother, reynaelena of course and simply manila na rin para hindi ma-invalid ang vote ko, hihihi.^^

5 12 2007

Thank you very much for the lovely honorable mention and of course I am voting for A.bba!

5 12 2007

kiks and reyna elena din ako.

5 12 2007
Reyville of Simply Manila

That was a nice quotation. Seeing those lines over there put a smile on my tired face.

Well, just as the same, I am voting base on the thoughts and content of the post so I am gonna go for …….. Simply Manila (HaHaHaHa!) and, of course, A. bba. We almost have the same opinion.

5 12 2007
Fau Rafili

The Evening Sky Is PINK!!!

5 12 2007


5 12 2007

her royal highness REYNAELENA and a.bba


5 12 2007

aba akalain mo nominee ako!
Thanks for the considering!!!

**insert miss universe wave here***

5 12 2007

Remember guys, you need to vote for TWO blogs or else it won’t be counted ^_^.

5 12 2007

Hi, I’m voting for Reyna Elena and a.bba. Hope you win guys!

5 12 2007
Empress Maruja presents Pinoy Blog Superstar!

[…] don’t know if it was right meeting you!) uupakan ko na pramis! So would you all line up and VOTE FOR ME!  VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME!?! (Whew! Nakaka-ngawit […]

5 12 2007

Hindi ko kilala yung iba, si Reyna Elena lang kaso more or less than two votes will not be counted kaya I vote for Reyna Elena at A.bba para sa kahindik-hindik na “Makyokot”

5 12 2007

I vote for Reyna Elena and the evening sky is pink

6 12 2007

Count my vote for and pulse.

6 12 2007
reyna elena

ateng! chinik ko lang yung caravan na binayaran ko papunta sa pooling booth! lahat yan mga flying voters! malaki laki rin ang ginasto ko sa kampanya ko! hehehe! maraming salamat sa lahat nang bomoto!!! hehehe!

6 12 2007
Sirena Down Under

Aha! Reyna E, ipinagbibili ko na rin ang boto ko…nga lang, in Australian dollars, ha? Mwa-haha… ;->
Haay, delinquent blogger & reader ako ngayon, dami trabahoo bago pumasko..kaines. Anyway, cheers, everyone!

6 12 2007

i’ll gor for “the evening sky is pink,”

it has a sober feel on it, i love the word “sober” and sober things..

6 12 2007

(hawak ang bustier, almost crumpling it) naku, day maruja, kadamung salamat.

i’m empressed kasi winner ang criteria. at ang dami talagang chumorva ha?

bahagi ng aking commitment sa blogging world ang paginclude sa mga nominees sa aking blog menu whether they like it or not. when empress says it’s a good read, it should be read.

at dahil prinsipyo kong hindi bumoto sa sarili ko, i go for reyna elena and simply manila.

nakakainez, ang ganda ganda ng ideyang itez! manalo ang dapat manalo.

pero everyone nominated is winner enough. (leche, ang daldal ko…)

reporting from thamel, chuchuchu na akez…

6 12 2007

mandaya and bryan, ayan po, dalawa na.

bryan, idol. ^_^

6 12 2007
Em Dy

Thanks for including Pulse.

I vote for Reyna Elena and Underside.

7 12 2007

Voting for Reyna Elena and Simply Manila

7 12 2007

I vote for Reyna (not that she needs any more votes) and Simply Manila. 🙂

8 12 2007
The Zen Bitch

my votes go to:
1. simply manila at
2. kiks

iboto nyo naman ako, please! 🙂

8 12 2007

hello po! thank you po for including my blog!
i vote for pulse and reyna. 😉

8 12 2007
reyna elena

hehehe! pwede ko bang iboto sarili ko nang fifty five times two hundred ten times??? At kung pede lang ngang iboto lahat eh!

thanks sa mga bomoto to everybody winner tong pakontessa mo!!!

8 12 2007

my boat goes to reyna elena and pulse.

9 12 2007

carl ha, baka ma inlove ako sayo… :0

10 12 2007
Sirena Down Under

ay, teka, hindi pala ako nakaboto. Reyna E and Bryan, go!

10 12 2007

kiks and reyna eleyna.

and not because nagfi-feeling chums ko si kiks. or si reyna. dahil di ko naman talaga knows yang si reyna. they’re funny kase.

maru, if there are bloggers who think of this as a means to promote your blog’s readership, don’t u think it’s kind of an irrelevant assumption? what blogger wouldn’t want to promote his blog? chaka at least you’re promoting not only your blog pati sa iba ren.

ay vote lang pala noh. anyway.

10 12 2007

I vote for Kiks.:)

11 12 2007

Thanks for voting! Tabulation ongoing…

12 12 2007

congratulations kay reyna elena^^ she is truly deserving…

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