What’s In Store After 500?

29 11 2007

(Copyright: Mike Hudson)

This is officially/ technically my 500th blog post ever and I’m wondering, “What should the Empress do?”

I honestly don’t know yet.  I’ll just keep on blogging like crazy in my beloved WordPress blog (and probably create new ones over at Blogspot and venture into Niche Blogging) .

But in the meantime, I tried podcasting…

Back in college, I had a classmate who was about to flunk Broadcast Journalism.  He begged our professor to give him a passing grade by narrating a comedic routine, and even dared that if the prof doesn’t laugh, he would still get the “singko”.

After telling the story of an aspiring actress, he got a “tres”.   I memorized the routine by heart (no, the “classmate” is not me) and I would narrate it to friends and colleagues.

By the way, forgive my poor vocal impersonations.





5 responses

30 11 2007

LOL. let me guess… si JM ba yang muntik nang bumagsak sa broadcast journ?

30 11 2007

@ Rye – Tumpak Mare! hahaha…

30 11 2007

LOL! Funny! I love the Jacklyn Jose.

30 11 2007
reyna elena

hehehe!!! nagtitinda ba nang balut si nora? hahaha kala ko tubig sa PNR?

HAHAHA! PUCHANG JACKLYN JOSE YAN!!! hahaha! ~~~ love ko yong ~~~ *bang!*

30 11 2007
Lyka Bergen

True… malokah ako ke Jacklyn Jose!

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