What’s In Store After 500?

29 11 2007

(Copyright: Mike Hudson)

This is officially/ technically my 500th blog post ever and I’m wondering, “What should the Empress do?”

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Music Break: “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted

29 11 2007

First, a little word of wise advice:  You don’t solve problems by creating another problem.


I watched “Enchanted” last weekend and it really exceeded my expectations.  I was laughing in the cinema together with awe-struck children and equally-happy parents.

If Amy Adams won’t get a Best Actress nomination in any awards next year, that would be really frustrating.

One of its highlights is the song “That’s How You Know”, which was shot in New York’s Central Park.

Video clip after the jump.

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Commercial Break: Which Public Service Ad Works?

29 11 2007

Both commercials promote the advantages of breastfeeding, but with different approach. Which do you think works?

The fact-based scientific argument of the United States Department of Health and Human Services…

Or the logical morality approach of our very own Department of Health?

Video clips after the jump…


Breastfeeding is still best for babies up to two years.

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