Pinoy Blog Superstar October 2007 Winner!

11 11 2007


Welcome to the coronation night of this month’s edition of Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!

After a week of voting, you have decided who among the six nominees deserve the title. Thank you so much for participating in the voting process.

But before we announce our first ever winner, here’s a special number from Pop Opera’s newest sensations, RyanDan!


Thank you so much, RyanDan, for that very heartfelt performance!

I would like to take this opportunity to explain some points about the tallying of votes. Please do note that we have stated that you can vote up to two nominees. Meanwhile, we have decided that nominees who have voted for blogs other than their own are also counted aside from a vote to self.

The results were a tight race, with two nominees tied with six votes and another two nominees tied with seven votes. But one blog ruled them all with 10 valid votes in its favor.

Without further ado, we shall announce our very first Pinoy Blog Superstar…and it is none other than…

(drum roll…cymbals)


Biernes ng umaga ang libing ni Herman.

Ako, si Kulot at ang mga bakla sa aming bukid ay dumiretso na ng simbahan. At doon ko nakausap si Amay, ang lesbianang negosyante sa aming bukid.

“Dapat magtayo tayo ng grupo,” sabi ni Amay.

“Meron na kami,” sagot ko.

“Ano?” tanong niya.

“Santa Isabel Gay Association,” sabi ko.

“Dapat kasali kami,” suggestion ni Amay…

…Tumango ako. Pero sa isip ko may pag-aalinlangan ako. Ang SIGA, grupo ng mga bakla, ay magkakaroon ng mga miyembrong tomboy. Ang SIGA ay magiging SIGLA.

— from Itigil and Libing!

Congratulations to Mandaya Moore-Orlis, ang bayot sa bukid, for winning Pinoy Blog Superstar for this month!

Thank you to all the nominees, this month’s participants, and most especially to the voters.

To join Pinoy Blog Superstar, simply add a link to my blog and inform me about it. You also need to write at least five entries in a month. I will be updating the groupings (and possibly rearranging them) in a few days.

Nominees are selected in each group according to their overall content of entries written in one month.

And watch out for a brand-new top-secret voting procedure for next month.

So keep on writing your best entries and be part of Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!

Thank you and good afternoon!




15 responses

11 11 2007
blue harajuku

congrats mandaya moore!!! kantahan mo naman kami ng walk me home o…

11 11 2007

salamat ms maruja!

salamat sa lahat ng bumoto.

salamat din sa mga hindi bumoto.

basta, salamat.

speechless ako.

pero pwede akong kumanta.

here it goes…

I’ll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended so soon
You were all by yourself
Staring up at a dark gray sky
I was changed

In places no one will find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

(humming. nakalimutan ang lyrics)

11 11 2007

congratulations, kapateed na mandaya!

at salamat sa pa-contest na ito, maruja. may bago na namang pakaaabangan ang sangkabaklaan ng blogging world!

11 11 2007

bengga! bengga!

nyeta ka mandaya, hinanap ko tuloy sa google ang kantang yan…

congrats pala!

12 11 2007

Congrats mare. Saan ang blow-out? šŸ™‚

12 11 2007
Baklang AJ

Congrats Mandaya! Kababayan! Hehe.

Congrats din Maruja for such a successful event!

12 11 2007

Congrats Mandy!

Mandaya ka talaga !!!

12 11 2007

deserving talaga and Mandaya. everytime babasahin ko i can’t help but laugh. congrats!

14 11 2007
Lyka Bergen

Aaay! Bakik ngayon lang ko nalaman toh? Di tuloy ako nakapag-vote. Leche!

Deserving naman talagah ang Mandaya na tets! Gagah Sya!

15 11 2007

congrats to the weener šŸ™‚

16 11 2007

i agree! mandaya deserves to win!

16 11 2007

Congrats to Mandaya… I’ve never been to that site before and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Pinoy Blog Superstar? Cool contest.

I wish I could join but I can barely blog 1 – 3 posts per month… I wouldn’t meet the contest rules, LOL.

Strangely, even with 1 – 3 posts per month, someone I know paid $5 nomination fee to nominate me for 10th PWA contest thing. Bizarre.

17 11 2007

Congrats Mandaya!!! Totally deserving!!!

18 11 2007
karlo mikhail

Congratulations to the winner! šŸ˜€

22 11 2007

sabe na eh. kaloka talaga ang mandaya na yan.


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