Pinoy Blog Superstar October 2007 Nominees!

3 11 2007

Yes, mga marsy! Simula na ng sabunutan sa kili-kili!

Grabe, ilang oras (actually, ilang araw) na pagbabasa, pagde-deliberate sa sarili, at pakikipagbangayan sa shupatid na tigilan na ang kaka-DOTA para makapag-blog aketch, finally…nakapili si watashi ng first batch ng Pinoy Blog Superstar!

Again, sila ang may pinakadabest na overall entries for October 2007, ayon sa mababaw ngunit scrutinizing na standards ni Empress Maruja. Kung hindi kayo napili, huwag magalit. Amigas pa rin tayo. Besides, may next month pa.

Let’s welcome the representative for Monday Group!

Postcard Headlines

(An in-depth look at different Philippine issues and events. You can tell kung gaano siya ka-well researched although may subtle hints of editorialism…natural, blog eh.)

“GMA’s pardon of Estrada jolted the sense of these sectors as the feeling of being had is suddenly sinking in. Questions as to the very rationale of GMA’s ascendancy to power in 2001 – the issue of corruption that led to his ouster – are now being asked.

Capping this is a realization of the lack of real difference between the two. “The handing out of cash to congressmen and governors,” Quezon III notes, “exceeded any doling-out of patronage in the Estrada years and was even more brazen than in the Marcos years.”

— from “Do not expect too much of the end of the (Arroyo) regime

Heto naman ang panlaban ng Tuesday Group!

Mandaya Moore-Orlis

(Ang hindi matawa sa mga kuwento ni Mandaya ay tuod…TUOD!)

“Day, pahingi pa condom,” sabi ni Glydel.

“Isa lang ang extra ko,” sagot ni Red.

“Ayoko ko nga, paano kung makarami ako ngayon? Ngayon pa na blooming ako,” naka-smile na sabi ni Fiona.

Walang nagawa ang Glydel. Nag-ala walkout ang drama. Pumunta ito sa pinangyarihan ng first round. Bumalik sa tindahan. Bumili ng iced water. Pero hindi ininom ang binili. Pinanghugas niya ito sa kanyang kamay.

“Anong ginagawa mo?” tanong ni Fiona.

“Recycle,” tanging sagot ng bakla, habang hinuhugasan ang nagamit na’ng condom.

— from “Iced Water

Sa Wednesday Group ako najirapan pumili. Biruin niyo, limang blogs ang nag-aagawan sa atensyon kets. At in the end, kailangan kong pumili ng dalawa.

Yes! Dalawa ang nominees representing the Wednesday Group. Sila ay sina…

Can’t You Read

(Contrast sa outlandish na podcasts, nanditets naman ang slightly on the serious side ng one half of The Dan and Rye Show. Very light on the reading, pero may laman.)

October something of 2006 — Alex’s second HK birthday. This time around, it was his guests that were expecting, more than him. Dilemma: those same people had already seen us in drag. The question was, “How do we shock them?”

The answer:

— from “I Started A Joke


Wifely Steps

(Another dose of light reading, even on serious subjects. Also check out the simplicity of her recipes.)

“When you start linking stories to the names of the victims, it just becomes harder. There were friends going out for lunch, celebrating a recent pay increase. There was a wife waiting for her husband to pick her up. There were employees going about their daily routines. It was just another malling afternoon.

I will be honest and say that I’m afraid. Whether it was a bombing or an accident, it still is scary. Life goes on, shouldn’t it? I’ve been needing to buy some stuff from the mall but I can’t bring myself to go to a single one. Am I being too careful? Or am I just managing my fears? I’ll eventually go to a mall again, maybe even tomorrow for all I know, but for now I just feel iffy about it. That is understandable, right?”

— from “There is always light

Naritets naman ang panlaban ng Thursday Group!

Pat Session

(Pat, ang lalakeng pinagkakaguluhan ng mga baklang readers sa Las Tres Estrellas, has a consistent writing style. I like the way he chooses what to tell–and what not to tell–in his stories.)

“I was sitting next to this guy who I felt was truly appreciative of the film’s greatness because he clapped when it ended. As I’ve mentioned, the film has that effect where after leaving the cinema, you feel like a character in the movie left with You and you get the feeling that the same exact thing can and will happen if you’re not careful. It was just fucken scary. That said, friend and I were dropping expletives all the time because the rapist was really creepy and we have nerves so we were saying Shet Puta and Tangena while watching. And Intelligent Film Fan on my left kept saying My Goodness and Gosh not because he was scared himself but because he was, I can tell, slightly annoyed by us.”

— from “Why Sunflowers

And last but not the least, ang ipinagmamalaki ng Friday Group!


(Even though he was undergoing blogger’s block, Misterhubs still manages to come up with the most exciting topics.)

“Sh*t,” he muttered as he riffled through the stuff inside his locker. He then looked around, saw me, deliberated for a few seconds, and said, “Hi. Do you happen to have extra briefs that I can borrow?” with a twinge of urgency in his voice.

Now, there have been times in the past when my ears would play tricks on me and transform an innocent remark into something pornographic. Like the time when my Chemistry lab partner asked me, “Did you flunk the test too?” which, after passing through my auditory canal, became: “Did you f*ck the test tube?” So when I heard him ask, “Do you happen to have extra briefs that I can borrow?”, I was certain my sense of audition was messing around with me again. For all I know, he just asked if I happened to have extra beef, not that that made any sense.”

— from “Extra Briefs


Nais ko rin batiin ang mga SPECIAL MENTION for this month.

Socio-economic Aspects of the Drag World and Other Traps” by Jaynir

“I do not have time for my old friends and other activities anymore. I have missed birthdays, house warming parties etc of our friends and family.

And yes, drag life is bound to be very expensive especially if you veer into the more classy and quality drag personality. A beautiful and quality wig alone would cost around $400! And the stilleto shoes would be around $150 and you have to have at least three of them. Plus all the expensive gowns!”

Erap, Pardoned” by Niña Bumanglag

“This country is getting crazier by the minute, I swear. You can’t be smart and rational under these unlawful conditions. No, because even if you want to, you’ll only be discouraged by what you see around you. But still, having more heart and guts to believe that our country will find a suitable leader by the 2010 elections is something that keeps me dreaming and positive. At least, that is what I hope would happen then.”

Reyna ng Barya” by Kiks

“Si Rose, 47 years old, ang pinakabunggang model. Kahit 5 foot tall lang, me impact ang lola habang minomodelo ang kanyang black gown. Tawa na lang ang lola nang nagkumento akong, ‘Ate, alam ba ng employer mong ginetlak at tinahi mo ang kurtina nila?’

Crowd favorite si Wilma, 57 years old. Ang lola, game na game sa pagrampa, sa pagsayaw ng Butsikik at sumagot ng pagkasmart ever. Witty ang Wilma: ‘The reason why I look and feel young? Sumasayaw ako palagi sa ibabaw ng employer ko habang tulog sya. I mean, sa second floor!’ (Ilongga ang lola! Ilongga silang lahat!)”

Shallow Gal” by Jaja

“She really makes an effort for people to notice her. She posted her almost-nude (imagine a posterior shot of a stick figure with just a T-back on) photo on a photohosting site for everyone to see and for men to ogle, she overaccessorizes (multiple belts, multiple necklaces—rosary for a necklace, I thought she said she was religious, why desecrate a religious artifact then?), and she has this habit of snapping photos of her branded stuff and posts them on her webpage with a caption that goes something like this: ‘Things I can’t live without!’ Can you live without 3 identical pairs of Prada aviators?

And “Dubai Diaries: Page 2” by Las Tres Estrellas

“Doon mismo sa spot na yun nangyari ang dapat mangyari. Super big ang baby ng batang to! Gulat ako. Majikero! Chu-chu lang ang perform ko which means 50 dirhams lang ang worth ko. Ng matapos ang lahat, nilabas nya na ang wallet nya. Sabay naman akong, ‘No! No!, I dont need it’. Di ako bayarang bakla ano! Hello?

Yosi na lang ang drama pagkatapos. Sindi sya, sindi din ako. Curious lang ako sa age ng batang toh. Wala pang bigote eh. Kaya ask ang Lyka: ‘How old are you?’ Ang sagot ‘Sixteen’…. What? isip-isip ko, at sabay tapon ng sigarilyo at sibad umuwi without saying ‘Bye’. Leche! Makukulong ako nito. Taxi! Daliiiii!”


Simula na po ng botohan! Leave a comment on this post and vote who among the nominees you think deserves the title Pinoy Blog Superstar. You can vote up to two nominees.

Deadline for voting will be on November 9, 2007, at 11:59 p.m.

Let’s see who will shine in…

Pinoy Blog SOOperstar!




38 responses

3 11 2007
karlo mikhail


Thank you for the nomination. I used to write all those long and winding statements at school for the student council and my campus political party. I was a frustrated editorialist.

Now that my term as council chair is over, the blog has become another expression of that frustration, hehe.


3 11 2007
gaypinoy AJ

Pano bumoto? (halatang hindi binasa lahat!)

Go, go, go Friday Group! and Rye!

3 11 2007

Mare, leave a comment lang. 🙂

3 11 2007

mandaya moore and misterhubs. KALOKA kase sila.

teynks sa nomination.

3 11 2007
karlo mikhail

Hmmmmm… I vote for the Monday Group’s Postcard Headlines. And by the way, I’m just curious, what’s with the groupings? 🙂

3 11 2007

My gaz! Maraming salamat sa nomination na ito. Super flattered naman ako dahil magaganda ang mga blogs na inilista mo rito. 🙂

At ang saya ko na napasama ako sa Wednesday group dahil walang biro, yun ang favorite That’s Entertainment group ko. Serious! Hindi ko na sasabihin kung bakit. Haha!

3 11 2007

Ang hirap bumoto. Iba-iba ang moda ng mga bloggers – something I would read through for the whole week.

Ano ang criteria? Readability? Social relevance? Love? Magnitude of gayness? Haaay…


Mandaya. Pat. Hubs. In no particular order.

Hehehe. Salamat sa special mention. ;-*

3 11 2007


this is my first blog nomination ever. and i am really flattered na mapahanay sa mga blogging idols ko. maraming salamat! this nomination, in itself is an honor. thanks again!

3 11 2007

vote ko si kiks at pat…

3 11 2007

hahaha, i’ve seen most of the blogs, and ur right. they’re really something.

3 11 2007

hi po!
thanks for even mentioning my blog. geez, these past two months have been really a major pain in the ass for me kaya i wasn’t able to post regularly. haay..
well anyway po, thank you po again! =)
i vote wifely steps. =)

3 11 2007
blue harajuku

huhuhu di ako nakuha… hehehe char lang po.. anyways.. basa basa muna ako. =)

4 11 2007
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4 11 2007
gaypinoy AJ

Two votes, pwede?

Misterhubs and Rye!

4 11 2007

salamat sa nomination mama.

iboboto ko ko mr hubs at pat– malay natin suklian nila ng hada ang boto ko. char lang!

4 11 2007

Mandaya’s blog is one of the few blogs out there I really enjoy visiting. My vote goes to Mandaya Moore-Orlis.

Of course, I’m voting mine too. 🙂

4 11 2007

mandaya!!! but i also like misterhubs :)))

4 11 2007
The Zen Bitch

hi. my votes go to Mandaya Moore-Orlis and Misterhubs.

i love your blog, by the way. hope you visit my blog, too ( and let’s exchange links!

5 11 2007

Wow…. i vote for everyone including me!

Thanks Maruja darling! 🙂

5 11 2007
Em Dy

Vote ko si Toni of Wifely Steps.

5 11 2007

my vote: MANDAYA MOORE-ORLIS!!! GRABE!!!!! hahahahaha!!! i love you ate!!! idol gyud tika buanga ka!!!

6 11 2007


6 11 2007

i vote for postcard headlines! karlo na dug na! =P

6 11 2007

OMG. Bry, istatue..? (*checks links.)

Yes, yes, it is you..! Aymisyu..!

*composes self.

I vote for Rye. Po.

6 11 2007
Jean Monica

go Karlo! n_n

6 11 2007
Demi Luv Diaz

postcard headlines rock!

go karlo….

mr. and ms. nursing 2007 on november 24, 2007 at CNU Social Hall…

7 11 2007
Ysip Alindogan

my vote goes to postcard headlines.

7 11 2007

postcard headlines, pat session and misterhubs. 😉

8 11 2007
Reyville of Simply Manila

My vote goes to – Can’t U Read? and Mandaya Moore-Orlis

8 11 2007

kay rye of can’t u read at kay mandaya!

9 11 2007

my vote’s on oscar

9 11 2007
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9 11 2007

Pat and Mister Hubs.

They really deserve it for their ability to turn something which may appear mundane into something much much more. 🙂

10 11 2007

di pa pala ko bumoboto.

my vote goes to Can’t U Read? 😉
maru, sino ba si chuchucaracas?

11 11 2007

next time sali ko!

13 11 2007


13 11 2007

OOOPPPSSS. I wasnt able to beat the deadline! Geez! lolz!~

10 04 2010


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