Philippine Idol Updates: Asian Idol Formally Launched

1 11 2007

An advertisement over at Indonesian TV station RCTI presented the contenders for the upcoming Asian Idol, which will be held on December 2007.  Our very own Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo is confirmed to join.

Bear in mind that the representative for Indonesia will be chosen on the final week of November, hence you will see four names in the ad.

Video clip after the jump.




17 responses

1 11 2007

‘teh, lumipat na ako ng campo. kay hady mirza na akey bet. (singapore idol)

1 11 2007
blue harajuku

exciting itow..

mapakinggan nga yung ibang mga contestants. ayoko maging bias tape! hehehe saka na akong mag go philippines!

1 11 2007

that is nice and hopefully the Philippines’ representative will just mop their faces on the floor

2 11 2007

sana nga manalo si mau. pro malakas ang appeal ng singapore idol.

2 11 2007
blue harajuku

oo na sige na.. ang toughest contender ni mau ang pambato ng malaysia, na kumakanta pati ang forehead niya, kasi nilalagay niya minsan ang mic dun eh… tsaka tung sa singapore.. im sure keri iyan ni mau, mag rejoice lang siya.

2 11 2007

so 22o nga ang chizmis about singapore idol pero sana manalo c mau.

3 11 2007
Lyka Bergen

Makaya kaya ni Mau toh? Manalo man o hindi…. magaling naman sya. Kailangan lang ng konting confidence ang gimik! Go Mau!

4 11 2007

Hope the Philippines would be get the 1st title as the Asian Idol! Go Mau! You’re not on your own… =)

7 11 2007

Hmmm, i’m still putting my lot fer mau, though incredibly Hady Mirza is one tough contender other than Jaclyn Victor.

15 11 2007
Asian Idol

Asian Idol is looking for regular correspondents for our website. Three persons from each country (Indonesia, India, Singapore, Philippine, Vietnam, and Malaysia) will be given the freedom to write or post anything in your own language with topic guidance from us, or from your suggestions, about the Idol representing your country in the competition, about your country and the music industry there. It will be posted on the website written by you! If you are interested, send a sample of your writings or Idol-related photos to us.

For more info or any enquiries, please send email to:

25 11 2007

Hi Asian Idol. Im a Filipino working here in Jakarta as an English teacher in an international school. Consequently, I’m an idol fanatic. Im watching any idol show: American Idol, Indonesian idol, Malaysian idol, Philipppine Idol, Singapore Idol, Vietnam Idol, Australian Idol, World Idol, lahat lahat na. I’m interested to be a regular corrspondent. What will be the remuneration?

7 12 2007

Truly the sound of Asian voice is astonishing. India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course Philippines. Mukhang dapat pag handaan ni Mau ang Asian. Because contenders from Singapore and Malaysia have what it takes to be Asian Idol. Mau is good but she has to seriously prepare to give a good performance. Grabe ang singapore magaling din at di papahuli ang iba.

10 12 2007

Parang familiar sa kin yang pambato ng Malaysia…Xa ung nilampaso ni Vina sa Asean Ikon…Xa nga ba un? Parang xa un…Tama ba ako? Sinong may alam?

15 12 2007

oo noh im sure mau will bag d title!!
lets support her from her journey…magaling talaga ang PINOY!!!iba eh!!!!!!!!!!!

15 12 2007

makainis masyado si ken lim….palaging negative ang comment kay mau…

16 12 2007

I definitely go for Mau!!!!

Kailangan lang nya ay ibigay ung best nya….yesterday I watched her performance and I think she didn’t still give her best. But surely she have the chance to beat all the other contestant.

At nakakainis ung kumanta ng junoong!!! ung taga India….wala akong naintindihan kundi junoong sa kanta nya!!! and I think si Mau ung nangunguna sa mga babae and sa lalaki ung taga Indonisia naman.

But still I go for Mau she’s really great and good luck for her!

16 12 2007

i think filipino could be the first ASIAN IDOL because one of the contender the malaysia is been lost to vina morales what a shame to her but im sorry to that i cant help it that filipino is a great singer no question for that

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