Philippine Idol Updates: Idol Has A New Name, And A New Look

16 10 2007

It is confirmed that Philippine Idol will be renamed “Pinoy Idol” with a target premiere on early 2008 on GMA-7.  ABC-5, the former owner of the Idol franchise, coined the term “Philippine Idol” and therefore cannot be used by the new owners.

I personally think that the new title is fooglee (with foreign Idol fans pronouncing it as “PEEnoy Idol”).  It suggest either “Pinoy Pop Idol” or simply “Idols”.

Another “re-imaging” that Philippine Idol would supposed to undergo is terms of production value.  It is confirmed that Louie Ignacio, the director behind “SOP”, “SiS”, and other children’s party shows of GMA, would take the helm as director of Pinoy Idol’s “first season.”   He already stated in an interview that he will never give in to public clamor for him to remove his signature butterflies on the set.

Yup, expect Philippine Idol to be turned into a fairy-tale-inspired freak show.  Watch the clips, after the jump, of Pinoy Pop Superstar 3 Grand Finals.  You’ll have an idea how he envisions Philippine Idol.



5 responses

17 10 2007
Emenn Esse

Finally “Idols” has found the right home on GMA-7. I mean, number 1 for number 1, nothing could be more apropos. But Louie Ignacio? Gee…GMA-7 does badly need to rethink which talent deserves what project. I mean, the guy still lacks aesthetic integrity. He is frumpy, prissy, and staid. In fairness though, he sure can do wonders to Regine’s eyes in all of her MTV’s.

17 10 2007
blue harajuku

i was so happy when i heard that Idol franchise will be in GMA-7 pretty soon. But Louie Ignacio? He can just direct “Art Angel” instead.

18 10 2007

OMG, Philippine Idol comes with a new nname “Pinoy Idol”, yikes ang baduy na tuloy pakinggan! i agree they should consider Pinoy Pop Idol or Idols, since PPS is somewhat a reformated Idol search naman.

Loiue Ignacio? no more concerns, same as what you guys think abt him…

Imagine the prod set like this.
old PPS, + somewhat a relevance to recent Celebrioty Duets Phil Ed. = A small singing competition in small set trying to make big difference! right?

20 10 2007

i love the line, “other children show GMA”.. hahaha..

kung ndi lang maganda at mataas ang version ni regine dito ng power of the dream, wit ko na binigyan ng chance panoorin ulit to!

20 10 2007
karlo mikhail

Interesting taxonomy in your blogroll here. I’m just curious, what’s the different days for?

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