Music Break: “Break My Fall” by Tiesto featuring BT

5 10 2007

I am one of the millions in the world who believe that Tiesto the best DJ in the world.  His latest release “Break My Fall” has brought back my love for the beautiful trance music.  Vocals for this track is provided by another trance pioneer BT.

Video clip after the jump.

And if you can’t get enough, here’s an amazing extended remix.




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5 10 2007

A good way to start the Friday – trance music from Tiesto.

I don’t really follow DJ’s and their tracks and the places they go to as I am not a circuit person. HK is habituated with some of the best DJ’s they say – well they visit the highly-concretized place on a weekly basis.

Lalo pa ngayong Oktoberfest. Haaay. Musta ba ang festfest dyan?

5 10 2007

thnks times two!

1. for linking and reading my blog. your comments keep me going =)

2. for the friday good start–i was feeling glum and lethargic and was clicking on my tracy chapman playlist; then i listened to your tiesto upload; made me rethink my choice of music for the day =)

7 10 2007

latest?? from tiesto? Break my fall??? sweetheart that’s an OLD one. even older than DANCE 4 LIFE from early last year!

8 10 2007
reyna elena

I love trance music. This one is actually good!!!When my straight friend heard some trance music in my car, tanong ba naman – “Are you gay?”! Hagalpak ako nang tawa! He didn’t know na babae talaga ako.

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