Homage To Isabella Valentine

5 10 2007

Soul Calibur 4, a sequel to one of my most favorite video game franchise, will be released on PS3 and XBox 360 on 2008.

This, along with my preference for the color blue, is a remnant of my masculinity.

Apart from being one of the most successful weapon-based fighting game–both fan base and critics wise–it also displays some of the most memorable characters in video game history.

My favorite Soul Calibur character is Isabella Valentine, more popularly known as Ivy.  She is THE bitch in the game, a 16th-century version of a dominatrix.  Her weapon is a chain-sword that retracts and extends like a whip.

(Soul Calibur 2, the first match featuring Talim who is the first Filipina video game character)

For Soul Calibur 4, her costume gets a subtle makeover…

Man, Ivy doesn’t get any more slutty.

I’m so gonna buy this game.



9 responses

5 10 2007

i bet maganda yung game, as in wala ako alam sa mga games na yan… have fun anyway!

5 10 2007
blue harajuku

OMG! di pa nga ako nakakabili ng SC3, magkaka SC4 na? oooh cant wait! by the way empress, fave ko din si Ivy, aside kang Kilik at Yunsung. haay naku, kung totoong mga tao to si Kilik at Yunsung, maglalaway na talaga ako ehehehehe.. anyways si Talim din.. =)

6 10 2007
blue harajuku

saggy na boobs niya ha? or is it just me? hehehehe

7 10 2007

i heart kingdom hearts empress. 🙂 for moi, its still the best RPG game ever! so fetch!

as for soul calibur? hmmm, im not really a fan! 😦 hehehe.

have a great sunday empress!!!

3 12 2007
puff the magic dragon

I thought Talim was Indian.
She’s not filipino.

3 12 2007

@ puff the magic dragon – If you read Talim’s profile in Soul Calibur 2, it made mention of how the Philippines were invaded by the Spaniards. Also, most of her moves are in Tagalog language (which is spoken in the Philippines).

11 12 2007

Ivy is so hot, hot, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 01 2008
What? Darth Vader and Yoda on Soul Calibur 4? « They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random

[…] but if it’s going to make SC4 a hit then I’m game with it. I’m still gonna use Ivy (or Talim) […]

7 07 2008

i think namco really need to make an Indian character so noobs would stop calling Talim that. it said she’s somewhere form SE asia, and her orgin was unkown.

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