Free Burma Now Na!

4 10 2007

Free Burma!

I’m telling you, mga Marcy, this is more worthwhile than joining the lynching mob calling for the chopped heads of Teri Hatcher and producers of Desperate Housewives.

Take part in this action for a Free Burma! Here’s how…

1. Publish a posting (Bulletin Board, Forum, Blog, Social Network, Static Website…) on the 4th of October with the header: “Free Burma!”

2. Tag it if you can with “Free Burma”

3. Choose a graphic from their Graphics page and

4. Link to You will find some information about the campaign and Burma as well as a participant list that you can join. Even if you’re a webmaster of a bulletin board or social network you will find a special Group List to join.

5. Add our Petition Widget to your blog/website.

6. Feel free to write any additional text you want.

If you have no website or blog we need you even more: Please help us to spread the word across the internet, tell your neighbours, friends or kids and first of all: Sign our list of participants!

Kaya join na, mga Mare! Let’s join the rest of the free world in condemning Burma’s military junta and its actions against democracy!




9 responses

4 10 2007

You make me proud, gurl. You make any person proud.

4 10 2007

Pag nakapunta ulit ako ng Burma o sa mga borders nito, bibilhan kita ng Karen shirt. I am pretty sure it will fit your figure perfectly.

4 10 2007

join ako mare!!!

5 10 2007

Everyone’s saying “Free Burma!” Just what the hell is Burma anyway? And why are they giving it away for free? Hehehe. ;-p

5 10 2007

sayang tapos na..!!

5 10 2007
Gregg D'Bully

Dear, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I just did make one blog page for Burma following your example.

5 10 2007

I agree with you Maruja, this is worthwhile than spending time whining about DH’s controversy.

This goes to show that military government is not viable.

8 10 2007
Lyka Bergen

As in NOW na talagah! Leche!

8 10 2007
reyna elena

HAHAHA! natawa ako dun sa lyching mob stuff!

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