Is That a Bra? It Sure Looks Like a Bra!

29 09 2007

It’s my latest YouTube discovery, a Japanese animation series entitled “Golden Eggs.”  The characters, although they speak Japanese, are mostly American.

In one episode, you couldn’t help but notice that red bra.  I’m sure it’s a bra.  I mean, women wear bras, right?  Unless if you’re a guy with manboobs, or had one hormone pill too many.

Video clip after the jump.




7 responses

29 09 2007

korak! bra nga.. pero ang magulo, kung hombre ba o bilat un? kung lalake yun, good luck ah.. kung bilat, baka parang Chyna (wrestling) lang ang level nito.. hmm..

29 09 2007

ano bah! wala bang Bunny Hunt?!!

Have a lovely weekend empress!


29 09 2007

Mukhang oversized na manang yung tingin ko sa kanya. And uu mukha namang bra yung suot.

29 09 2007
blue harajuku

hahahah wag niyo nang paiyakin! di nga daw bra eh hahahahahaha!

29 09 2007

hahahahaha, this is so japanese humor!

what if all macho men were wearing supporters for their pectoral muscles?

a big ew talaga!


30 09 2007

haha.. 😀 bra nga! bra!

30 09 2007

kawawa naman, pina-iyak pa…

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