Philippine Idol Updates: Reymond Sajor on ANC

14 09 2007

Philippine Idol finalist and WCOPA Senior Vocalist Champion Reymond Sajor, together with WCOPA Overall Junior Champion Aria Clemente, appear in ABS-CBN New Channel’s morning program.

According to Reymond’s manager Oliver Oliveros, Reymond is currently working on his debut album under Sony-BMG.  Gerard Salonga is being tapped as the musical director, while Lea Salonga may even perform a duet with Reymond.

Sajor would be the second Idol to have an album, after winner Mau Marcelo.

Video clip after the jump.

(Video courtesy of Oliver Oliveros)




4 responses

14 09 2007

how true phil idol is moving to GMA7? have u heard about this ate maruja?

14 09 2007

Hmmm what is a WCOPA? Sorry for my ignorance

15 09 2007

fave ko si Reymond nung panahon ng Phil. Idol.

16 09 2007

mga mare!!!

it’s confeermed!!! Philippine Idol pupunta na sa GMA.

at si ate regine daw ang host?! pano na c ryan agoncillo?

at take nota…

“The source claimed that GMA 7 would treat its RP ‘Idol’ as a totally new show, independent of the first season—meaning, Mau Marcelo would not be considered the first winner.”


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