Bunny Man Hunt #17 Winner

10 09 2007

This week’s Bunny Man Hunt has concluded and we are very thankful for your participation and support.

Here are our four finalists who almost missed the cut…

Kiks of At Bakit Bawal Ang…, Aries the Warrior Princess, Kei of Adobong Comatose, and Rye of Can’t You Read.

We shall now announce our Top 3 Winners, starting off with second runner-up and she is none other than…

AJ of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo!

“I personally believe that…

We’re not sure if such a thing as a gay discount card exists here in the Philippines, but don’t you think that would be such a great idea?”

Congratulations and happy birthday, AJ! Here’s my present to you, a special presentation from Manila Boyz Entertainment Bar and Restaurant…

Wait…I just received a breaking news. Apparently, the bar was prosecuted by a self-righteous journalist…

I salute you, Mike Enriquez. I salute you with my middle finger.

On with the show! Here’s our first runner-up. She is…

Powerbottom of Nice and Sleazy!

“I personally believe that…

I was particularly surprised when someone told me that what iad written about one guy had already been read by that guy. honestly, i was pleasantly shocked. wow, my blog has been goin around.”

Congratulations! And that means the first reader to have found the Bunny Man is none other than…

Omar of Pardon My Croaks!

“I personally believe that…

Ernest Bormann, John Cragan and Donald Shields were definitely not fantasizing when they theorized that fantasies are omnipresent in our society. In their Symbolic Convergence Theory, they contend that fantasies intensify the dynamism of communication, as fantasies are social bonding agents.”

Congratulations to all our winners! Before we conclude this event, may we call on your attention for a very special announcement:

Due to insistent public demand, starting next week Bunny Man Hunt will now appear randomly between Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see you in next week’s hunt! Thank you and good afternoon!




6 responses

10 09 2007
tryme316 aka omar

ay, ano yan? scepter-cum-trophy-cum-phallic symbol?!

first of all, i would like to thank the people who supported me, empress maruja who made this event possible (empress, pls stand as you are acknowledged).

most especially to mike enriquez. i also salute you, with my middle finger…

this is my first ever pageant, and i did not expect to win this (shed just one tear drop).

dreams do come true… thank you. i love you all…

10 09 2007
blue harajuku

bakit deformed ang mga mukha ng mga dalagendengs? hehehehe

11 09 2007
Baklang AJ

Maraming salamat po sa aking sponsors at sa pamilya’t friends. ito na po yata ang pinakamaligayang kaarawan ko. Sa wakas, nakatungtong din ako sa finalists!

I dedicate this award to mike enriquez. Up his a**

11 09 2007
Lyka Bergen

Ano va yans Mike Enriquez na yan! Tse sya! Ang pangit nya! Tatay ba sya ni Laarni? Chos!

12 09 2007

yihh kelan kaya ako mananalo.

12 09 2007

guys how true na kukunin o ipapalabas sa gma7 ang season2 ng philippine idol? i heard it from a friend na nsa industry, i don’ really believe at all.. pero if it happens, good for the second season at least mapapansin na rin yug show kahit papaano.. dba?

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