What? No Asian Idol? (UPDATED)

30 08 2007

According to a moderator over at the Indonesian Idol forums, the prospect of an Asian Idol competition is now slim to none.

Apparently, the participating countries (namely India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam) did not agree with the proposed voting system by host country Indonesia. The tallying of votes would not be in a Eurovision-styled ranking-based system that we saw in World Idol, but rather only Indonesian residents are allowed to cast their votes for Asian Idol.

That would have been downright silly, devah? I mean, it’s like giving Indonesia a free hand in making their Indonesian Idol (who would have been represented by their latest winner Rini Wulandari) the eventual winner. Are the organizers afraid that their bet would eventually lose to our very own Mau Marcelo had the voting been participated by all 7 countries? Are they afraid that the eventual winner would not “look like” an Asian stereotype (Mau being half African-Puerto Rican)?

I still hope that Asian Idol would still be held, even if it would be just some “get together” concert with no competition involved.

UPDATE: Apparently, Asian Idol WILL GO ON AS SCHEDULED. There are, however, some changes. The participating countries can now send their choice representative. The voting system, however, is yet to be confirmed.

So far, only two countries have a confirmed representative.  Philippine Idol will send Mau Marcelo (since she’s the only winner), while Malaysian Idol will field in its first season winner Jaclyn Victor (you know, the girl that Vina Morales beat in Ikon Asean?).




10 responses

30 08 2007

ANECH? Si Mau half-African Puerto ek ek? Hooolllllleeerrrrr! Ininterbyu ang pudra at mUdra nya sa Philippine Idol di va? Asan ang African PR? Vaka Aeta! Holler! GUMAWA KA BA JAN NG ISTORYA?

Tumigiltigil ka nga jan baklang balyena ka! Feeling mo regional wide ang blog mo at may i prend ka fa jan kunyari sa Indonesia?

Hoy baklang balyena! Miyerkoles na, wala pang 350 and visitors dito hoooollllllllleeeerrrrrr! TABA MO!

30 08 2007

HAHAHAHA! Everybody deserves to wear a crown?

Keep telling that to yourself, balyena.

Pero kapag may nanalong hindi mo gusto, LAIT LAIT ka jan.

Hypocrisy is beauty na ba ngayon?

30 08 2007

hala ka ‘teh, may nega-ariba…

30 08 2007

LOL, that’s crazy… that’s silly voting system would definitely have guaranteed an Indonesian winner.

30 08 2007

@ Kavklaan (IP # – Naku, hawaan mo nga ako ng kagandahan at kalinisan mo! CHE!

30 08 2007
blue harajuku

pero di nga, kung Indonesia lang ang mag vovote, eh di sure na Indonesia na ang mananalo! hay eh di wag na lang.. pero sana matuloy..

31 08 2007
reyna elena

punyeta kamo nitong mga kutong na indonesian!

3 09 2007
Reyville of Simply Manila

Good luck to Mau. She has to win it.

4 11 2007

If Indonesian can only vote, OK lng yan. Basta ang condition, don’t vote for the indonesian idol contestant. LOL

Agree kayo?

4 11 2007

Kaso din lng, ung Singaporean Idol na c Hady ay of Indonesian descent din.

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