Bunny Man Hunt #16 Winner

27 08 2007

Empress Maruja was so glad of the positive response about this week’s Bunny Man Hunt. So many aspirants appeared during the weekend that we have to wind it down to just seven, and it was not an easy task.

Watch our hot casting video featuring our last week’s winner, Misterhubs, as one of the judges.

By the way, the elusive Bunny Man was found in an old entry entitled “Isang Nagbabaga at Nag-uuminit na Paglilinaw“, where I had to defend myself against some commenters from Oboid’s Journal who thought that the picture the author posted was mine.

And after hours of deliberation, the organizers have decided on our finalists and winners. We shall start with the girls who almost made it to Top 3:

Himalayan Goddess

Jase of Life Funtastique

Kiss Fendi

And Baklang AJ of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo

Now we present the Top 3 Readers who have found the Bunny Man.

The second runner-up goes to…

Keitaro of Adobong Comatose

“Runner-up na naman ako! GRRRR!”

Our first runner-up for this week is…

Aries the Warrior Princess

“Leche di nakaabot…”

And this week’s winner is…

Blue Harajuku!

“Gimme the crown!!!”

Congratulations to Blue Harajuku, the original maldito, for winning the Bunny Man Hunt after several attempts. This just to prove that perseverance is the key to success!

Next week’s Bunny Man Hunt will resume to its original schedule, Saturdays between midnight and 2 a.m. Thank you and good evening!




6 responses

27 08 2007

ekkkkkkkkkkkk musta ganda? miss venezuela mode ka ata!

28 08 2007
blue harajuku

hehehe sa wakas… thank you thank you!! im now the pride of my people in kentulempoo, hehehe

pasok na ako sa miss universe 2008! venezuelan eh hehehe joke..

28 08 2007
Lyka Bergen

Aaaay! Ano Bato? Ang fafangit nila! Tse!

29 08 2007

well Venezuela is known to be like the beauty capital of the world

1 09 2007

career talaga ang beauty pageant sa Venezuela noh?! may mga retoke factor pa!

nung bata, when we play Miss Universe, lagi or gusto kong irepresent lagi ang Venezuela..!

2 09 2007

runner na naman LEche!
Pero di na ako pwede ma crowned queen dibah?
Basta bunnyhunt parin!


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