Miss Wika 2007: Vote for Me Special

21 08 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 56 candidates of Miss Wika 2007 Blog Writing Pageant, representing different parts of the Philippines and the Filipino international communities, in this year’s “Vote for Me” Special!


Let’s welcome the ladies onstage with a special performance by Mr. Sexyback himself, Justin Timberlake!


On centerstage, here is Contestant No. 22, Miss Empress Maruja!

I am just a simple girl with a simple ambition. Hi! My name is Empress Maruja, representing Novaliches!

Writing has been my passion since high school, but it was only back in college when I honed and practiced creative writing into its fullest potential from essays, one-act plays, screenplays, and even children’s stories.

My inspiration comes from everything and anything about my life as well as my surroundings. I used to write with a muse in mind, but then again I realized that the only person that I should seek inspiration from is myself.

My entry to Wika 2007 is entitled “Ang Pagladlad ng Kapa,” where I compared the pride of one’s native language to an unfurling of one’s cape during a beauty pageant as well as the unfurling of one’s true identity, that of my own. As I’ve said in my entry, I believe that language is something that you could hold on to because a simple smile, wink, or touching of each other’s bodies is not enough.

A vote for me is a vote of support for the Filipino gay community. Once again this is Empress Maruja, please vote for me! πŸ˜‰


To vote for Empress Maruja’s wonderful and fabulous entry to Wika 2007, “Ang Pagladlad ng Kapa,” simply register at Pintig.Pinoyblogosphere.Net and click on the “STAR” corresponding to her entry. Fifty percent of the total score will come from public votes, and she needs it…BADLY.

Deadline of votes will be on August 25 at 11:59:59 pm, so don’t delay!




7 responses

22 08 2007

Haha. Yan. I voted na πŸ™‚ Go Girl!

22 08 2007
blue harajuku

contestant no. 14 is miss blue harajuku!!!

ehehehehehe… ilusyonada mode..

I always believe that success is attainable when one is responsible for himself.. my name is blue harajuku representing the city where progress and nature develop as one… KENTULEMPOO!!!!


23 08 2007

haay! Last time hindi pala na count yung vote ko fano kailangan pa pala mag register! o ngayon naka register na ako! Number 20 ako na bumoto sayo!

I plug pa kita!

23 08 2007

Sure, sure empress. You have my vote. My own familial disclosure, however, will have to wait… for now. Best wishes and good luck empress! πŸ™‚

23 08 2007
23 08 2007

yey nka vote na ako…gudlak

23 08 2007

ahahahhaha! asteeg sa promotion! cge, super galore ang banat! nice!

good luck po! πŸ˜€

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