Bunny Man Hunt #15

18 08 2007

Yes, my dear readers! It’s time once again for our very addictive and very informative Bunny Man Hunt!

Our hot yet elusive guy in a bunny costume is hiding somewhere in blog. Find him and you get to have a special link at the sidebar just like last week’s winner Kiss Fendi.

The rules are simple:

1) Find the Bunny Man hiding in an old blog entry using the clues provided.
2) You can use the search and archive functions if necessary.
3) Once you have found the Bunny Man, comment on that particular post.
4) First person to spot the Bunny Man wins!

Everybody is encouraged to join. Winners, however, cannot play for three weeks.

Here are the clues that will lead you to the Bunny Man:

1) The clues can only be found in the pictures. If you spot a gay guy wearing glasses and a scarf wrapped around his shoulders, that’s probably Svelte.
2) You would also get to see me wearing black with a note beside me.
3) This…

There you have it. Start hunting, my amigas!




3 responses

18 08 2007

Ooooh, my first bunny man hunt. 😀 too bad my dsl line is busted, sana pag naresume ung DSL service ko, wala pang nakakakita kay bunny 😀 hehehe

18 08 2007
electric itlog

Hahaha.. I remember this.. This Must Be LAAAAB!!!

18 08 2007

haaay, huli na naman ako.

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