Was Jaclyn Victor Robbed off Ikon Asean?

16 08 2007

The issue about the “not-the-best singer in the Philippines” Vina Morales defeating the “best singer in Malaysia” Jaclyn Victor at the recently-concluded Ikon Asean competition continues to be discussed, almost violently, by fans of both singers.

Some Jac fans claimed that she was robbed of the title, while others say that she wasn’t at here element. Meanwhile, some Pinoys even criticized Vina as below par, that the likes of Regine Velasquez should have been in Ikon (Asia’s Songbird didn’t join). Others even joked that Jaclyn wouldn’t even win “Tanghalan ng Kampeon” (Championship Stage, our version of “Star Search” back in the day). We Pinoys never seem to run out of naysayers, ano?

And I don’t wanna even delve on the “ad hominems” on how we Pinoys are being “teased” by our Malaysian neighbors as their maids and prostitutes. That’s another story.

Here are the performance clips of the two singers and we shall analyze it one by one. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Jac and I used to call Vina the lone female member of “The Maskulados.” That makes the analysis even.

Read it after the jump.

Let’s start with Jaclyn’s first song choice, a medley of three songs composed by P. Ramlee.

They say that she was pitchy in places, but I barely noticed them. The problem is that even though she sang three different songs, it sounds monotonous to me. Oh, did you notice how she handled the mic? I’ll talk about that later.

Then we go to Vina’s first song, “Pangako Sa Iyo” (A Promise to You).

It was not surprising that she would sing this in Ikon Asean. It’s the theme song of the soap opera of the same title, which was very popular in Malaysia. It was a great choice for Vina because it definitely connected her to the dominantly Malay audience, and it also has a lot of high and long notes giving Vina a lot of chances for her to show her vocal range without having to ad lib like in Jac’s case.

Now here are the second performance videos. We go back to Jaclyn and her winning song back in Malaysian Idol, Gemilang.

At least Jac rebounded here. She hit the notes almost right and she made good use of her really powerful voice. However, I’m really bothered by the way she handles the microphone. You know, once she sings the high notes she puts the mic on her forehead. I know that’s called style, but where I come from, putting the mic away from your mouth when singing the high notes means you’re cheating. Jac made it appear that she couldn’t reach the high notes so she would put the mic away from her mouth and it wouldn’t sound too obvious.

You would never see that being done by Filipino singers. In fact, if you watch Vina’s Pangako Sa Iyo video, she would even put the mic closer to her mouth when she sang the high notes.

Anyway, back to Vina. She performs a dance track “Feels So Nice.”

I understand that she chose this so she would show off her dance skills. Catch is, singing and dancing at the same time is pretty tiring, and you would hear Vina catching her breath in some instances. But overall, she performed well in this song, and by that time her fate was sealed anyway.

That’s why, I think, Vina won.

Oh by way, can I just say that the female host in Ikon Asean was so inconsiderate. Can’t she explain her lines in English for the benefit of non-Malay speakers…like us? Buti pa si Angela Chow kada koda niya ng Chinese sa Miss World may-I-explain agad sa Inggles.




42 responses

16 08 2007
16 08 2007
Lyka Bergen

Parang nanononood lang ako ng ASAP sa performance ng Vina. Pero, Congrats pa rin!

16 08 2007
Oxana Olafski

Congrey Vina!

Yun lang.

16 08 2007

yup, i think kung hindi niya kinanta yung “Feel So Nice” she will never win IKON. parang yun yung pang-anggat nya versus Jaclyn. panalo naman talaga ang ate vina mo. pero feeling ko, it’s also the Pangako Sa’yo. the judges were even singing it and double thumbs up sila kay Vina, kaya this time walang pwedeng magsabi na ndi deserving si ate vina! bkt pala si Judika of Indonesia hindi masyado napansin? hehehe..

i agree, kung hindi lang gwapo yung co-host nung bilat, nilipat ko na yan. punyeta yung bilat, bahasa ng bahasa eh alam naman niyang broadcasted ito sa ibang bansa din to think marunong pala siya mag-ingles! leche..

16 08 2007

in fairness, magaling din yung jac pero, performance level talaga si Vina, one more thing she sang Pangako sayo with full passion and soul, siguro yun yung nag pa win sa kanya, plus factor na lang yung birit.

16 08 2007

mas gusto ko si Vina compara kay Jac kasi shes a versatile singer. pwede sing, pwede dance. and she sang the Pangako sayo like shes wooing someone, full of passion. kasi yung kay Jac, puro birit lang ng birit, yay ng yaaay ng yaaaaay wooohhh! wala lang..

16 08 2007

How can they say Jac was robbed off? In her country? In her territory? If the contest was held in the Philippines and she did well but she didn’t win, definitely she was ripped off. But in her country? The odds are favored to her. If we base the competition on favoritism, Jac should win because of influence and pressure from all Malaysians. But if we base it on performance, the filipina singer, Vina is excellent. She can clearly sing and dance and its really hard to do that. Jac’s performance? Seriously I’m not sure if she is singing or being roasted. She keeps on looking on the ground and when she hits high notes she puts the mic in her forehead, is that how a champion performs?

16 08 2007

I agree with the comments above. I also noticed that Jac is looking in the ground while singing, I thought she lost her earring while she is singing. The reason why she puts the mic in her forehead is because she got a large mouth, so it can extend to her forehead any moment.

17 08 2007

Jac was more than robbed…i bet the right word was she lost it all from a fire or flood…i bet even her countrymen voted in favor of Vina…

Was definitely a landslide…tsk tsk tsk tsk score cards says j1.101-120; j2.100-120;j3.101-120 in favor of morales


congrats vina…parang nasa asap ka lang gurl

17 08 2007

Hindi sya spectacular.

Akala ko Cirque de Soleil performance. Pang-Fiesta Carnival lang ang Ate Vina.

But in fernalou ferrigno, Vina was a lot better than the Malaysian roti susu version of Rosario Dawson.

Mas maganda pa atang sumongla ang Rosario.

19 08 2007

haha. sakto. si rosario dawson nga ang kamukha ni jac. 🙂

parang bisaya iyung malaysian host. pero bad trip nga, di man lang nag-english! feeling ko type nung lalaking host si vina. iba iyung titig niya nung in-introduce niya si vina eh.

19 08 2007
vina's stalker

Hi guys! I’m Vina’s stalker. I’ve been stalking her as far as I care to remember. ( 14 years na yata…) And I must say, I was a little embarrassed after seeing her sa Youtube. Yung contest piece nya, hairdo, damit, sayaw… lahat, ang baduy!!!

19 08 2007

I’ve always believed that the Philippines have a huge arsenal of world-class performers and singers.

It’s a slight shame though that Vina is not commercially hot in our own country anymore. Pero alam ko naman na talagang magaling siya kumanta at sumayaw.

At astig ah, pati Kjwan panalo! Haha!

Pero bakit MAL, INA at PHI lang ang kasali?

20 08 2007

Does anyone know who the male host is?

20 08 2007

just face the fact. Singer is singer. not dancer.

20 08 2007

all of the comments above is made by Filipinos. so, why sould we discuss about this any longer? why do finipinos really not satisfy about Jac although filipine already win?

take ur time & think

26 08 2007

I think one factor that contributed to VIna’s success is the fact the the sopa opera Pangako sa’Yo became a big hit in Malaysia.


27 08 2007
grey Atonomy

tahi kamu la…jac is the best in da world ya….

29 08 2007
blue harajuku

well, miss universe can be playboy covergirl. face the fact… 😉

1 09 2007

i didnt know that mic over the forehead is a no-no. but i did feel awkward during jac performance. because i like to hear new talent i voted for jac for a change.

2 09 2007

ganda ng performance ni vina! she deserved to win along with kjwan band.. kala ko ako lang nakapansin sa paghawak ng mic malaysian girl contestant.. badtrip din yung malaysian host.. hay di ko mahanap name nung male host.. please sino kaya yun ng magoogle na ang cute-cute kasi eh.. hehehe..

2 09 2007
blue harajuku

in fairness kay jaclyn, maganda ang voice quality niya…

4 09 2007

i watched this show, the IKON ASEAN and grabeeh, i did not expect Vina to compete in this contest.

actually, i searched for this site kasi i was expecting something about Jaclyn Victor. i love her! napaka ganda ng boses niya. havent yah noticed na even though malaysian yung language yata nung song, parang it sounds good even in high notes and very very surprising kasi it adds with a jazzy westernized theme na sa mga black americans commonly naririnig *the divas*

Vina’s performance also did nice. maganda ang choice niya sa Pangako sa Iyo kasi favorite yun ng mga malaysians DAW eh. THe second Feel’s so NIce is very good kasi marunong naman talaga shang sumayaw.

i think deserving talaga si Vina. being an Icon doesnt need of a Diva, but a Versatile All Around Star!

*no commentssa band competition, i just adore Kjwan*

15 09 2007

jac u are the winner….. i love u so much..

1 10 2007

haha… VJ Dom of Channel V ung lalake!

17 11 2007
Asian-Singer Lover

yall can freaking lick my sexy asian bronze 3.5million dollar buttcrack. Im neutralo but Vina…! She pulled off sumthing which looked like Allegria to me. She knows shit abt the mike. Jac groped the notes A FEW METERS away frm my freakin face before when she did a live show. you tell me she’s fakin it??! i respect Regine very much, she could rule, but Vina was 100% dilute whilst Jac is a concentrated diva. If Mariah Carey Whitney Patti Labelle Celine all pulled their mike, u would say its true… coz they’re not Msians. Look up to the talent thats abt to sweep ur scattered islands and its chambermaids in a jiffy ok. wake up. and since u mention abt maids and prosts., yeah some of them pretty much are. if u were to come over once in a while, u would be shocked at what some of ur fellow frnds r doing. cheerios. judge without prejudice pls, fellow pinoys. we’re asian too. dun spit in the sky coz it’ll fall back on ur own face.

17 11 2007
Dr Death

I ain’t no doctor, but we all know… if you belt too loud in the microphone, speakers will burst.

For Jac’s case, one arms’ length and way above her head… her voice did not sound far.. at all. If you listen to her on mp3, you won’t know she’s pulling the microphone… that far.

Vina… can’t say much because she’s vocally o-k-a-y although she sounded shakey most of the time. With 3 male judges, i guess talent is secondary.

18 11 2007

Oooh…Angry people…hahahaha!

19 11 2007

I don’t think they’re angry at the outcome of the competition, instead at the way you wrote the article. Im not biased but i think asiansingerlover has a point, though its written quite’harshly’ due to your article. oh well. thats what the public want to hear anyway. squabble squabble squabble. Goes no where.

12 12 2007

I don’t think something fishy happened here.The contest was held in Malaysia.
Vina’s choice of song was great, whilst Jac’s songs were all in same tune, but to say that Jac is lipsynching is funny. She can sing live.

3 01 2008

yan mga fan ni jaclyn mga nega talga yan sa panalo ng pilipino, grabe ung video ko ngang kyla vs jaclyn sa youtube inulan ng mga negative comments eh! im just featuring the artist d pinag aaway!

grabe d nila matanggap n talo cla ng pinays!

6 02 2008

hi, please everyone jac on of the world best singer! DO NOT COMPARE HER WITH OTHERS! YOU UNDERSTAND PEOPLE!


6 02 2008

jac is best singer ever, for me vina not even reach jac’s basic standard! JAC CAN NAILANY SONGS! she is malaysian proud!

6 02 2008

IF YOU NEED PROVE HOW TALENTED JAC just watch jac malaysian idol finale”GEMILANG” song. I’M SURE, YOU ALL WILL CHANGE YOUR OPINION ABOUT JACLYN VICTOR.SHE IS SO TALENTED! realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy talentedddddddddd

6 02 2008


6 02 2008

@ Rahul/ Jason/ Ramon – Please don’t pretend you are three persons. Thanks.

8 02 2008

now all Jac fans can shut up.. she just didn’t lose to Ikon Asea. she’s also Asian Idol loser. She’s not that good.

23 07 2008

Haha.. I don’t think it’s a competition between Jac and Vina anymore.. it’s more of a competition between Malaysia and the Phillipines. Pinoys are a patriotic lot, that’s all I can say..

31 12 2010

thank GOD ! may isang VINA MORALES sa pinas ! she deserve it, thats talent.

31 12 2010

definitely ! no robbed involve in that matter, we should accepted the point that every contestant had the edge in every competition.

3 06 2011

nah…i dont think so,,, every ppl has their own style, its not cheating dude… do u wanna see the mic will be broken down becuz the voice is too loud? its her style to control the voice or may be u’ll lost ur hearing…n for the winner, nah..based only the perfomance??better change the title of the competition…is it about showing off the vocal or talent?
plus, if u see any of celine dion shows, especially for “my heart will go on”, u’ll see that she also put his head away from the mike when singing the high note…
p/s: m just stating the facts.

13 07 2011

hey! vina can do belting as much or even higher than jacklyn can do….

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