Music Break: Oh My God! Mandy Moore Covered “Umbrella”

16 08 2007

I just love Mandy Moore’s version of Rihanna’s megahit “Umbrella”! Not too screachy, not to mellow, it was just right.

I’m not a big Top 40s type of listener,” she said.  “But you just can’t deny how melodic this song is.”

Hear the audio clip after the jump.

If you want to watch the video, watch it here.




12 responses

16 08 2007
Lyka Bergen

Rihanna Version pa rin ako.

Ini-imagine ko kung ang Cristina Aguilera kaya ang kumanta ng ballad version… wagi siguro! Bagay ang boses ng Cristetay ditets!

16 08 2007
Oxana Olafski

Mandy is boring me.

I’m freakin sick of this song talaga.
Yah, mas vongga ang xtina!

Ella ella eh eh eh. *vomits blood*

16 08 2007

yeah. me likey rihanna’s version better (with chris brown pa, para mas fancy) 😀

but that is a valiant effort for mandy. singing rihanna’s signature song is *really something. 🙂

16 08 2007
electric itlog

Hahaha… Makes me remember Spencer Day’s uber-melancholic version of the Sesame Street theme, Sunny Day, from Ernest and Bertram..

Not my favorite Umbrella cover.. Siguro kasi mas gusto ko pag-cross gender yung covers.. I love the cover from Singapore’s King Kong Jane:

For more mellow ones, I recommend Scott Simon’s and Biffy Clyro’s (mas gusto ko yung kay Scott)

Eh, eh, eh, eh..

16 08 2007

tumabi kayo.

ako na lang ang kakanta!

16 08 2007

di ko type ang kantang ito kahit kay rihanna pa ehehehe yung song lang na gusto ko kay rihanna is yung unfaithful..

16 08 2007

i never liked umbrella in the first place but i loved mandy moore’s version. actually biased ako since i like mandy moore haha.
thnaks for dropping by my blog the other day. ei can i link your blog to mine? thanks!

17 08 2007

no big deal!


17 08 2007


her other redo songs was so great but this one really is nasty…this is not her…

way so much better pa ung humps version n alanis…parang sa kanya ung kantang un…

17 08 2007
17 08 2007
26 08 2007

was never really a fan of the song (the ella-eh-eh part was just kinda too retarded for me lols) but, mandy singing it makes it more ugh, bearable. =)

i will be able to stand this song if the ella-ella part was removed tho. ^_^

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