Bunny Man Hunt #14 Winner

13 08 2007

Despite a low turnout in this week’s Bunny Man Hunt, the candidates never ceased to wow the audience with their fast fingers and quick wit.

The hot yet elusive Bunny Man was found by our contestants hiding in an old entry entitled “Celebrity Spotting/ Multi-Media Multi-Tasker,” a long post mainly about advice on dealing upon seeing a celebrity in the flesh and my attempt to become a screenwriter.

We first present our special awards, the first being Miss Sportsmanship. She is none other than…

Miss Keitaro Hanazawa! Congratulations!

“Runner-up na naman? Hay! (walk-out….)”

Our next award is the Darling of the Press.  Drumroll please…

Miss Blue Harajuku! Congratulations!

“Bunny Man, pa-kiss!!”

Now it’s down to our three finalists.  But before we get to announce our this week’s Bunny Man Hunt Winner, let’s enjoy this rousing production number from our thank you girls!

Shek it to da right! Shek it to da left! Then point to da east and point to da west!

Thank you, gentle ladies! Now is the moment of truth! Who would become this week’s Bunny Man Hunt Winner?

We shall announce first our Second Runner-Up.  Please come forward…

Miss Lyka Bergen of Las Tres Estrellas!

“Siyet. Eto na ba? Chat Silayan lang ang beauty koh!”

We have come to this moment, ladies and gentlemen.  Who will get the special link in the sidebar and the bragging rights of becoming among the elite bloggers who have found the Bunny Man first?

I shall call on our First Runner-Up.  Ladies, hold your breath…

Arfersrunerapgosto Miss Q the Conqueror!

“Oh well.. May next week naman. :)”

And the new Bunny Man Hunt Winner goes to Miss Kiss Fendi!

“Sarap pala maging crowning glory ng Bunny hunt! hahaha”

Congratulations to Kiss Fendi, winner of this week’s Bunny Man Hunt!

If you are interested to join our highly addictive and highly enjoyable game of Bunny Man Hunt, just visit this blog every Saturday between midnight and 2:00 am (Philippine local time).

See you next week for another exciting edition of Bunny Man Hunt! This has been your host, Empress Maruja! Thank you and good afternoon!




8 responses

13 08 2007
Lyka Bergen

Siyete! Di ako kuntento sa make-up koh! Ang fangit fangit koh!

13 08 2007

wahahahaha! Sarap ng feeling pag may crown ka!
Ganda talaga ng crown ko ever!!

“Waving waving to the crowds… thank you thank you…with pouting lips…thank you at medyo teary….”


13 08 2007

hay! sino ba sponsor ngayon sa mga gown namin?
kumusta naman yung gown ko, daig pa ang tinago ni lola sa kachakanezz hehehehe
pero thank you thank you
*rampa sabay smile..

harajuku, the primadonna

14 08 2007

wish ko sana manalo din ako dito 🙂 kahit honorary lang. haha. 🙂

14 08 2007

di talaga ako mananalo sa bunny hunt na yan. ang boba ko kasi. ang bagal pa ng internet connection dito sa bukid namin. haaay.

14 08 2007

Guh-reat hosting skills! LOL!

Mazel tov to all the winners!

15 08 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

i hope hama chisaki would also join this kind of contest. hehe. ^^

16 08 2007
Gregg D'Bully

Wala bang pics ng Men of Provoque? Nyahahahha…

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