Bunny Man Hunt #14

11 08 2007

Yes, my dear readers! It’s time once again for our very addictive and very informative Bunny Man Hunt!

Our hot yet elusive guy in a bunny costume is hiding somewhere in blog. Find him and you get to have a special link at the sidebar just like last week’s winner Electric Itlog.

The rules are simple:

1) Find the Bunny Man hiding in an old blog entry using the clues provided.
2) You can use the search and archive functions if necessary.
3) Once you have found the Bunny Man, comment on that particular post.
4) First person to spot the Bunny Man wins!

Everybody is encouraged to join. Winners, however, cannot play for three weeks.

Here are the clues that will lead you to the Bunny Man:

1) I wrote the entry where the Bunny Man is hiding back when I was writing in Blogger/ Blogspot.
2) It’s a long post about some friendly advice about spotting celebrities and my really short stint as an aspiring screenwriter.
3) This when I had three jobs at once.  Flexitime gone wrong.

There you have it.  Start hunting, my amigas!




3 responses

11 08 2007

Sa wakas winner na talaga!
Teka ano kaya ang gown sosuotin ko sa cronwing?
Versace nalang kaya!

Dapat dramatic yung entrace at yung tiara na mas mahal pa sa Mikimoto ano!

Kailangan ko ng mga runner ups dahil para naman may katulong ako ano bah!

11 08 2007

Winner parin kahit pang-apat lang.

11 08 2007

hi! i really like your blog and yung mga showbiz chika at kalokohan. can i link you up in my site? thanks. =)

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