What Kind of Gay Am I?

9 08 2007

You scored as Raging Queer.
Heya, go go go girlfriend!
You’re a raging queer and you love it !!!

Raging Queer
The all-round cute gay guy
Straight Acting
A Big Bear
S + M guy
Straight Queer Basher

What type of Gay are YOU?

I have to say, that was kinda accurate…hahaha!




4 responses

9 08 2007

Oooh, EMPRESS MARUJA!!! Thanks for the visit, and thank you for your advice!!!

Thank you for providing insight to my situation because honestly, I have problems with both. I started to develop *certain feelings for my one night stand but I know that it’s wrong, so I tried to avert my suppressed emotions while it was just brewing up. Perhaps I still have some reservations about starting a new relationship from a bad seed. It’s not that I hated what happened, its just that I’m looking for an appropriate start. And I guess I’m still afraid of leaving my comfort zone. I have been living without a special man in my life for quite some time now and I’m still afraid that I might, again, be burned this time. 😦

But yeah, I know that things will happen, and they have to happen, it’s just a matter of timing. I’m just praying that when that time comes, I’ll be more than prepared to risk it all, without reservations this time.

Your comment was so refreshing; it was really nice to hear from someone who truly has a grasp of what’s happening in my head. 🙂 Thanks your HIGHNESS. 😀

And guess what EMPRESS, I scored as a The all-round cute gay guy. Hmm, should I post that on my blog? 🙂 whatuthink?

9 08 2007

Eeeks, I score straight acting, and I was really hoping for the raging queen! LOL

9 08 2007

I’m a cute all-around gay guy. The men are lining up at the door already. 😛

11 08 2007

@ Ruff – Sige, you can post it, too! Ika nga ng PCSO, care, share, and win!

@ Oboids – Akala ko nga rin magiging straight acting ang results ko. AMBISYOSA!

@ JRothschild – Basta kung hindi mo kinaya ang dami ng mhin, puwede ka ring mag-share, Mare!

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