Random Hot Men: National Underwear Day

9 08 2007

I rarely get to read Queerty and whenever I do, I get to see the good ones!

August 7 was National Underwear Day, and all the prominent underwear brands got together for one major fashion show at the Times Square.

More on the skivvies after the jump.

Hmmm…I want that one, that one, and that one. Size 38 please!



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9 08 2007
Random Hot Men: National Underwear Day - PinoyBlogoSphere.com | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)

[…] More on the skivvies after the jump. Jump. […]

9 08 2007

oh yeah! i want the first one hehehe yung both the underwear atsaka yung model yumyum!!

10 08 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

susme, nice catch maruja

10 08 2007

bulges galore!

10 08 2007

i love the first one!!
the smile awwwwww…
the bulge …. arrrrfff!!

11 08 2007

some of them are Janice Models!

Love the bluges!πŸ˜‰

11 11 2010

sexy guy in the green omg the things i would do to him =P

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