Commercial Break: God, Save the Baby

7 08 2007

A little trivia:  there are four babies born in the Philippines every minute.

This commercial shows a woman in labor and her newly-born baby doesn’t cry, a sign that the child could be still-born.

Could this doctor be able to save the baby from imminent child mortality?  Answers after the jump…





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7 08 2007

imperialismo, ibagsak!

7 08 2007

Umiyak ang bata nang malaman nyang isa na sya sa magbabayad ng utang sa World Bank. Ang World Bank na may Children and Youth Strategy. Strategy na ginagamit para mai-develop ang mga eskwelahan’t ospital ayon sa Structural Adjustment Programs o SAPs. SAPs na nagpa-privatize at hence pumapatay sa gakatiting na serbisyong inininegosyo pa ng gubyerno. Gubyerno na kumurakot sa utang sa World Bank. World bank na…

Baby, hindi mo utang yon.

8 08 2007

that was disturbingly moving!

8 08 2007

nyayyyy!!! kaya takot ako mag ka anak…

8 08 2007

Parang I sounded so obnoxiously traditional an activist there…

Infants can only do so much as to cry. Later on, perhaps when that doctor is still alive and get to explain why he said that, the infant who is now a big kid can fully understand. And he can decide whether to cry again.

8 08 2007

there’s always hope..

8 08 2007

Taba! Di ba taga-Marikina ka?

9 08 2007

panalo! kala ko totoo e

9 08 2007

@ Okrabebang (IP # – Hindi, bakit mo tinatanong?

9 08 2007

avah, may medical uses pala ang utang natin!

9 08 2007

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