Bunny Man Hunt #13

4 08 2007

Yes, my amigas! It’s time once again to hunt for that elusive Bunny Man, with the winner having his or her blog featured BIG TIME on the sidebar.

All you have to do is simple:

* Hunt for the Bunny Man (a guy wearing a bunny costume) hidden in one of my old entries using the clues provided.
* You can use the search and archive functions to aid your hunt.
* Once found, leave a comment on that particular post.
* First to find the Bunny Man wins!

See? I told you it’s that simple!

Here are the clues to help you find the Bunny Man:

* Take a break before searching.
* “Tell me, where is Osama bin Laden?”
* I think we need to consult that question to a psychic.

There you have it.  Start searching, my amigas!




One response

5 08 2007

Ayan, nakaabot ako sa Bunny Man Hunt although wiz ko pa rin knows paano. Haaaay, ang maging isang blogger delitante!

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