Music Break: “I Got U” by Chris Cayzer

3 08 2007

I’d be so screwed with this.

I gave Chris Cayzer some flak over at Talamasca’s blog after hearing his horrendous rendition of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Miss You)”. But hearing his single “I Got U” made me think, “Hmmm…maybe I should cut him some slack.”

Besides, my orgmate worked as the cinematographer on this music video.

Video clip after the jump.




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3 08 2007
3 08 2007

OMG I almost forgot about this guy! You mean this , right? LOL! Just… LOL! Anyway, I still stand by my opinion. So, um, yeah, enough said.

P.S. What’s with the “U” thing? Why not complete the whole 3-letter word? Well at least he’s done something original.

3 08 2007

im so done with the acoustic choo-choos…. next!

hehehe pero in fairness, cute! orig song ba nya to? that is cool nakakasuka kasi puro revive ng revive. kung di pa makuntento, may disc 2 pang susunod.. haayz

pero cute siya. yun!

27 05 2008


27 05 2008

ur really cute tlga actually my sis/bestfriend ang my gusto sau!..

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