Commercial Break: Who Says We’re Poor?

31 07 2007

This series of commercials, in a way, gives light to our bleak and poor country.

How? Find out after the jump…





12 responses

31 07 2007
31 07 2007

I’ve been seeing the first clip on ABC 5, if I’m not mistaken. One word: PHOTOWHORE!!! LAWL!

The second one’s just er, ok. Nothing major. Next…

Loved the last one. The camera works are splendid! Though the words that made the little sis hush up beat the hell out of me. What did the big sis say again?

31 07 2007

@ Talamasca -I think the older sister is trying to coach her sister who got stuck on a bridge how to “act subtly,” just like the director do.

1 08 2007
Raymond Lee Quijano

we are not poor… we’re just… special. ^_^ (here goes my sarcasm again…)

1 08 2007
We practically own everything in the Philippines: Imelda

[…] scholars, politicians, analysts and economists that we’re a poor country. Hell, no! The empress will prove you wrong! You see, you won’t see these kids in the Philippines. They’re all inside the internet […]

1 08 2007
Lyka Bergen

Siyeeet! Ang galing ng last video! Kelan kaya makagawa ang Pinas ng Full Length Video na katulod nun? Pang Oscars ang drama ng batang umiiyak! Dapat ganon!

Like ko sya talagah, Very much!

1 08 2007

agree ako kay ms lyka– ang galing ng pagkagawa

1 08 2007
Oxana Olafski

Excellent filmmaking, to the next cleavage!

2 08 2007

gusto ko yung ‘subtle lang’ video! natuwa ako sa bata. it kinda reminds me nung bata pa ako pag umiiyak ako sasabihin ng kuya ko na “uuuy tatawa iyan! tingnan niyo tatawa din yan!” tapos tatawa na din ako lol

2 08 2007

I love the last video. The way the music works for the overall ambiance to the film is just fab. I also like the camera movements and angles.

2 08 2007

nakakatuwa how they used the children to convey the message noh?!

iba talaga pag kids ang umaarte.



2 08 2007

s*&^ ang galing ng last video. winner

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